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  1. Domaine de la Réserve: May Valley Praslin

    The Seychelles archipelago is full of secrets awaiting to be discovered, especially on the island of Praslin, the second largest island. Praslin is surrounded by heavenly pristine beaches like Anse Lazio, located in the north-west of the island. It is irrefutable, visitors come to Praslin and Seychelles for its wonderful beaches. However, when visiting the May Valley, we quickly understand that Praslin is not a 100% beach destination, it completes the image of a paradise island! Whenever you come to Seychelles, just know that at the heart of the Praslin lies one of the most beautiful treasures of the planet: the Vallée de Mai.

    The May Valley nature reserve is a 20 hectares tropical forest almost devoid of human activity and preserved in its original state. You will discover of a natural paradise, a primary forest composed mainly of endemic palms of the archipelago of which some have crossed since the prehistoric ages.

    Among the hundreds of species that grow in the May Valley nature reserve, the sea coconut (also known as double coconut) is certainly the most special of all. This rare palm specie is endemic to the Seychelles and can only be found on Praslin and Curieuse Islands. This giant tree can grow up to 34 meters and its seed is the world’s biggest.

    This park is the nucleus of Praslin and is classified since 1983 as World Heritage site by UNESCO. The site is also home to a large number of animal species (mainly birds) like the Black Parrot. You will discover this nature reserve through a well-marked route of nearly 2 kilometres in complete calmness. If you want to dig really deep about this nature reserve, its endemic species and birds, we recommend hiring a guide when entering.

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