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  1. Seychelles hotel: discover Mahé and Praslin

    Seychelles is one of the world’s top honeymoon destination, in fact, the islands are also known as the islands of love. Why? Because it is the destination that combines romance, but also the exotic and pristine sceneries. Visiting the Seychelles promises pleasure and amazing discoveries. Let’s discover the two main islands of the Seychelles:


    Mahé is the main island of the Seychelles. It covers an area of approximately 27 km long and 7 km wide. The island has seventy beaches, small, long, pristine and uncrowded, each beach has its own characteristics. The island host the only international airport of the archipelago. Mahé is also home to the capital city Victoria, the administrative and financial center of the Seychelles. Victoria City portrays best the cultural values of the country. Its market, the Sir Selwyn Clarke market is the best place to mix up with the local population and its traditions. The market is a must-see place in the Seychelles, it has all the exotic fruits and food of the archipelago. They say, Mahé is the best place to start your holidays in the Seychelles!


    The island of Praslin lies about 40 km to the north of Mahé. Praslin is famous for its majestic beaches and untouched nature. Cote d’Or, also known as Anse Volbert is the most visited beach of the island, but if privacy is what you are looking for, Praslin has a collection of deserted beaches to enjoy from. Anse Lazio, Anse Petite Cour and Grand Anse are amongst the many beautiful uncrowded beaches of Praslin Island.

    Beaches are not the only beauties of Praslin, the island also has one of the world’s most amazing nature parks, the May Valley! Located in the center of the island, May Valley is an example of nature almost devoid of human activity.


    Whether it is Mahé or Praslin, we wish you unforgettable holidays in the Seychelles.


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