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  1. Praslin island holidays

    Praslin Island is a must when visiting the Seychellois archipelago. Praslin is the second largest island of the archipelago, which comprises of 115 islands. The island is only 38 km² but holds rich natural resources and is mostly surrounded by coral reefs. Many visitors prefer Praslin for is naturalness and its tropical environment.

    Whether it’s the rare Seychelles Black Parrot or the famous Sea Coconut, nature is ubiquitous on the island of Praslin. It has beautiful weather all year round. Whether it is family or honeymoon holidays you can visit Praslin in whichever season of the year.The island is home to some of the most beautiful white sand beaches of the archipelago.

    The magnificent coastlines of Praslin will leave you memories. The seabed of the Seychelles is spectacular with marine fauna diversity and fish of all colors, visible even at shallow depth and even more around the island of Praslin.

    The island of Praslin one of the most pristine islands of our planet. Praslin has been for centuries devoid of human activity and although today it has a population of 6,500 inhabitants, much efforts are being made to preserve the island’s natural ecosystem. In fact, hotels on Praslin are designed harmoniously with nature.

    The May Valley located at the heart of the island certainly portrays best the island’s lush fauna and flora. This natural park of more than 20 hectares is home to the famous sea coconut of the Seychelles and many species of palm trees, some are even endemic to the island.

    If you are looking for holidays with privacy added, then Praslin is your holiday destination. The island is surrounded by heavenly pristine beaches. Anse Lazio, Anse Petite Cour, Grand Anse & Anse Volbert are amongst the most appreciated beaches of the island.

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