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  1. The Seychellois Cuisine

    Seychelles gastronomy invites you to a journey into the world of seafood, spices and tropical fruits. Coconuts, pineapples, mangoes and papayas ripen under the generous sun of the Seychelles archipelago will delight your taste buds. Book your flight to Seychelles.

    Typical Foods

    In the Seychelles you will find typical food everywhere. Do not miss the coconut curry. This is one of the specialties of the Seychelles archipelago.It is a stew of meat or fish cooked in a sauce with spices and coconut milk.

    The rougail, fish in spicytomato sauce, along with ginger and lime give this exotic dish served with rice a unique taste. Widespread in big hotels of Seychelles, fusion cuisine is eaten by the lagoon.

    Fruits salads and Creole dishes are unusual, but you have taste! Bat curry looks like a tropical rabbit stew.Curry zourite (octopus) is reminiscent of a bouillabaisse spices. Fish, mostly cooked fresh caught. The most famous are the bourgeois, whose flesh is soft irresistible with lime net.

    The Local Ingredients

    Hot pepper sauce, emblematic of the Seychelles archipelago, is presented separately. Remember to request a Seychelles beer to accompany your meal.For dessert, tropical fruit salad are a wonder.

    Other essential ingredients of the local cuisine: rice and several kinds of roots and tubers (sweet potato, cassava, …), all complemented by aromatic herbs and exotic spices: cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger and many others makes this cuisine a unique one!

    Traditional Preparations

    Among the most traditional preparations, outside of traditional grilled fish, we must mention the “millionaire’s salad” (consisting mainly of palm hearts), the “kat kat” (a popular dish consisting of green bananas and tuna, served in salted and peppered coconut milk), “mazavarou” (a very spicy preparation made of red peppers, garlic, ginger and boiling oil). To complement these dish, delicious fresh fruit juices, or the local beer (called” Seybrew “) orthe typical liquor from Seychelles: The Coco Fess are yet to be discovered.

    Most major hotels, although they prefer the”Open Buffet” formula, they dedicate certain evenings to local gastronomy. As for restaurants of all categories that you can discover on the islands, they all focus mostly on quality and service!

    Enjoy your gastronomical voyage in the Seychelles!

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