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  1. Hotels Seychelles : Discover Praslin!

    Anse lazio WavesPraslin is the second largest island of the Seychelles and probably one of the most beautiful and endearing. Indeed, it is more developed than La Digue and more relaxing than Mahe where agitation is relatively high around the Seychelles Capital: this is the ideal compromise.

    Wonders abound and it can sometimes be difficult to make a choice between the different places to visit. Here are our Top 3 tours in Praslin.

    1) Visit Praslin Anse Volbert!

    There are only two villages in Praslin and one of them is Grand Anse. The beach of over 2km is gorgeous: white sand, turquoise sea! A pleasure to walk.

    For those who are passionate or simply want to learn scuba diving, there are some very good spots around the island! Basically, you can relax in this small village where walking, swimming and diving occupy your day!

    2) The Vallée de Mai on Praslin!

    Vallée de Mai is a beautiful forest on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. This is the only place in the world where there is a tree producing the Coco Fess- a coconut with a Pelvic Form (Erotic Form) It is the symbol of Praslin and even Seychelles!

    Vallée de Mai is visited very easily by following the marked trails. Distances and height differences are small. You will come across unparalleled scenery: Beautiful palm, birds, small rivers, large roots, etc.

    3) Anse Lazio magic but rather tragic (sharks …)!

    Anse Lazio is in the north of Praslin and is easily accessible by bus. This is the perfect beach as we imagine: sand-like powder, palm flowing on the sand, calm waters protected by the bay, rocks at each end which look like cardboard scenery, an ideal place for snorkeling!

    Unfortunately, in 2011, two shark attacks in Praslin on this beach came and tarnishished the quiet and idyllic reputation of this place! Nothing to worry about! There has been no more attack since it is extremely in Seychelles.

    Well, enjoy your holidays on the island of the Seychelles by visiting as much places as you can since the place is full of hidden gems.

    Have Fun Holidays!

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