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  1. Hotels Seychelles: Visiting Praslin!

    Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands and islets. The main islands of the Seychelles are granitic islands (except Bird and Denis) clustered around the larger island Mahé. This is where you will findthe majority of the population.

    Bird, Coco, Cousin, Cousine, Curieuse, Denis, Desroches, Felicity, Fregate, Grand soeur, Glorioso Islands (Glorious, Ile du Lys, South Rock, Green Rock Wreck Rock), La Digue, Marianne, Medium, Mahé , Little Sister, Pepper, Praslin, Ronde, Sainte Anne, Silhouette are surrounding islands forming this wonderful archipelagos.

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    There are other islands, most remote and also known as the “Outer Islands” (Zil Elwannyen) which are of coral origin:

    Plate island, island Coetivy, Amirante Islands, Alphonse Atoll, Group Aldabran (Aldabran, Assumption, Cosmoledo islands Astove), Group of Farquhar (Farquhar, Cerf, Providence, Île Saint-Pierre). The now famous island of Arros, hidden property of the rich director of L’Oréal, is in the Amirante archipelago (satellite view here).

    Most visited island of the Seychelles: Praslin

    The three most visited islands are inhabited and most Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. If you are visiting Praslin know that a 2h30 boat from Mahé (40 €), 2 hours by catamaran, 15 minutes by plane (€ 135) are required to reach the island when you are leaving Mahé.

    For those who are not afraid to walk, here are some tracks you can follow while visiting the island of Praslin:

    * Ballad Baie Ste Anne – Anse Marie-Louise – Anse Consolation: little traffic, beautiful scenery, deserted beaches.

    * Ballad Baie Ste Anne – Anse La Blague (beautiful slopes too).

    Otherwise buses crisscross the island in both directions every hour. Bicycle are also available on rental for Rs 50 / day. And if you want more freedom to visit the island at you own pace, why not rent a car?

    The Coco Fess- Sea Coconut

    Praslin is the only place in the world where the sea coconut grows, a very special palm tree. There are male and female palm trees. The males are a flower strangely resembles a male genital part, while females produce a very special coconut, which looks similar to a female pubis or a pair of buttocks explaining the name Coco Fess which translates to Buttocks coconut.

    It abounds in the forest of the Vallée de Mai (site recognized by UNESCO).Vallée de Mai is an absolute must (preferably in the morning or late afternoon-entrance € 15). Do not expect to pick up coconut-buttock. They are for sale at the entrance for a prohibitive price with mandatory certificate for leaving the country (100, 200, 300 € depending on the quality!).

    Mauritius is another great island to visit too! Your car rental in Mauritius should help you get around easily.

    Have a nice trip around Praslin!

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