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  1. Beaches of the Seychelles

    The Seychelles archipelago is renowned for its beaches, which are beautiful. Lined with coconut trees and takamakas, these granitic islands have a peculiarity – They are surrounded by large rocks. This is the case in Mahé, Praslin and La Digue especially. Depending on the season, the Seychelles beaches can be windy. Beware of currents that make swimming dangerous.

    Beaches in the Seychelles

    During a stay or a cruise in the Seychelles archipelago, one must learn before swimming. From April to October, several beaches of La Digue are not recommended for paddling. These are Grand Anse, Petite Anse and Anse Cocos. However, the sand remains accessible throughout the year for sunbathing without worry.

    The coral islands like Denis Island, Desroches Island and Bird Island, offer the most extensive beaches. The sand normally runs on 5 or 6 km long. In some places, you have to share it with seabirds and turtles. The protection of nature in the Seychelles limit facilities on the beaches. Some pristine islands (Cousin Cousine) prohibit smoking, picnicking on the beach, or go snorkeling.

    The most famous beaches of the Seychelles archipelago are located on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.

    To discover during the same trip, just book a combined Seychelles trip. On the island of Mahe, the Beau Vallon beach offer all kinds of beach recreation from water skiing to parasailing, through diving and fishing. The beaches of Anse Soleil and Anse Intendance are also very popular in Mahe.

    On the island of Praslin, Grand Anse Beach (or Côte d’Or) borders turquoise coastline. The beach allows for canoeing, windsurfing or snorkelling. In Praslin, Anse Lazio is also splendid.

    On the island of La Digue, you will have the opportunity to visit the Seychelles’ legendary beach – Anse Source d’Argent. Clear water, coconut trees and pink granite languid by the breeze … La Digue also offers the beautiful beaches of Anse Severe, Anse and Anse Patate Gaulettes.

    You will be definitely spoiled by choice when it comes to beaches in the Seychelles!

    Have fun in the Seychelles!

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