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  1. Vallée de Mai

    vallee de mai

    To join the Vallée de Mai, renting a car is a must. Vallée de Mai is in the heart of the Praslin National Park in the center of the island. This is an exceptional plant sanctuary, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There grows several endemic palms of the Seychelles, including the “coco de mer”. The fruit of the coconut palm, which grows only on the female coconut is nicknamed “coconut-buttock” because of its suggestive shape. As for male coconut, it also has a structure that is of suggestive form nicknamed “coco-willy!” This is the only place in the world where the coco de mer grows wild.


    Coco de Mer is endemic to the Seychelles and is the largest, heaviest and most suggestive of coconut. In fact, it consists of two lobes shapes reminiscent of the buttocks. The coco de mer palm lives between 200-400 years. During the first 15 years, it has no trunk but only leaves that can reach 14 meters long. The male palm tree can reach 30 m high and 24 m female palm. The sea coconut puts 6-7 years to mature.

    Fauna and Floral of the Seychelles

    Other plants on the island includes the Latanier, Latanier Leaf, the Latanier Millipede, the Palmiste, the Pandanus, the Vacoas Parasol, the Brown Vacoas, Jacquier, the Bois Rouge, The Capucin, Vanilla, the Philolendron, the capillary and many other plant species … Some of these plants exist only here (six endemic palms, Bois Rouge, etc.). You can see them all while following the trails of the garden. The trails are very well marked and several panels provide explanations on the exceptional and varied flora of the valley.

    There are also many birds, including Black Parrot, the Boulboul Gros Bec, Blue Pigeon, the Sunbird, the Kestrel, the Swiftlet and many other species … We can also meet the Bat, Crabs, Snails, Dragonfly, Frog and 5 endemic reptiles. These animals are in total freedom, observing them can be difficult.

    Practical information

    Vallée de Mai is open daily from 8 am to 17:30 and access costs EUR 22 / person. It is relatively expensive, but it’s for a good cause (the preservation and maintenance of the national park). Vallée de Mai is managed since 1989 by the Seychelles Island Foundation. It manages and protects wildlife and wild flora of the Seychelles. To date, it manages the Aldabra Atoll and the Valley of Mai. At the visitor center is a snack bar, a shop, an information center and toilets.

    Have a nice stroll in Vallee De Mai!

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