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  1. Seychelles Unheard islands.

    Marine Park

    Marine Park

    With its beaches among the most beautiful in the world including Praslin and La Digue but also large areas of tropical vegetation making it possible to practice many land activities (tours, excursions …) but also the observation of wildlife and a preserved flora.

    Visit the sublime Vallée de Mai, sit along the palm-fringed beaches or enjoy the charm of your accommodation … You can do everything (or almost) in the Seychelles. For your honeymoon, discover the three main islands of Seychelles: Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

    Three pearls of the Indian Ocean

    If you are staying on Praslin various gems await you: Anse Lazio azure sea, granite rocks and fine sand. Enjoy your stay on the island to survey the Vallée de Mai considered as the original Garden of Eden or go for a barbecue on a small wild island, Curieuse for example.

    La Digue will then provide an overview of the authenticity of the Seychelles. There are very few cars on the island, the flora and fauna are preserved and particularly the Seychellois culture – dynamic and friendly – is everywhere.

    When moving to Mahé, you will further entice the Seychellois culture in authentic restaurants or museums. The white sandy beaches of Mahe (Petit Anse or Anse Soleil) remain the best spot for a weekend stay, rocked by the idyllic blue sky of the Seychelles.

    You will like:

    – The beauty of the Seychelles beaches, many of which are recognized worldwide

    – The impressive biodiversity of these delicate islands

    – A good life and friendly people

    – Quality accommodation

    – Unique, tasty and fresh food

    Have a nice holiday in the Seychelles!

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