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  1. Hotels Seychelles: Praslin


    Praslin being an island full of places of interest, provides a lot to visit and to see. If you want to enjoy more of your vacation on this island of the Seychelles, it is advisable to rent a car. With the latter, you will know no limits wherever you go, allowing you to fully enjoy the idyllic landscapes which Praslin enjoys.

    The island of Praslin, between nature and relaxation

    The island of Praslin, Seychelles second largest island by area, alone represents a true paradise. A 15-minute flight from Mahé (or 2 hours by boat), bring you to this idyllic spot. It is a natural totally unaccustomed: white sand beaches, coconut palms and a unique relaxing atmosphere. The slogan once there: enjoy!

    The island of Praslin is not only about idyllic landscapes, quality of life and ideal holiday location with an intimate atmosphere, it is also a real place to live where fauna and flora subjugate your everyday life. On site you can observe rare and protected bird species such as the Seychelles Black Parrot. A little to the south of the island, Praslin National Park, boasts a magnificent forest of palms. Diving enthusiasts are not left out either: the coral reefs of the coast of ancient formation, are a feast for the eyes. The numerous diving centers will help you discover this part of the island safely!

    Hire a car on Praslin!

    You have certainly understood, Praslin island is full of a lot of natural beauty just waiting to be visited. Hiring a car on the island therefore proves to be a strategic choice because it greatly affects your holidays and the time you need to visit the whole of the island, or at least, the places that interest you most.

    Note that driving is on the left, the roads are well developed on the island, allowing you to drive with confidence. If you arrive by boat, the point of withdrawal is the port of the island. Same at the airport if you prefer the plane. In this way, you can visit Praslin freely!

    Have a nice trip in Praslin!

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