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  1. Hotel in the Seychelles: Honeymoon

    Honeymoon Seychelles

    The king of the holidays remains the honeymoon. Moreover, the honeymoon is considered as important as marriage itself. We must remember this moment as something unique. The Seychelles remains one of the best detination with its intimate resorts, endless romantic beaches, covered with fine sand, turquoise water that hides colorful reefs and fish of all sizes … Enjoy a journey memory for life.

    Reasons to choose Seychelles as a honeymoon destination

    When one hears about a place that is the “Paradise on earth” one can think that it is subjective but Seychelles have transformed the etiquette of paradise in the true sense of the word, because the Seychelles is a destination that can satisfy the most demanding desires of the most extravagant travelers. Lush vegetation, a multitude of free-ranging exotic birds, the habitat of giant turtles and pristine beaches that seem unreal.

    If you are looking for:

    -White paradisiacal beaches, among the most beautiful pus in the world

    -An Endless Summer

    -Being close to Equator, the Seychelles enjoy a constant temperature of about 30 degrees throughout the year

    -A wide range of activities, whether it is water sports or hiking or cycling

    -A unique fauna and flora, underwater or on land,

    The Seychelles is the place to be.

    Exoticism in the Seychelles

    Since there has been no mass tourism therefore you can enjoy virgin places, a high-end infrastructure and the seductive Creole cuisine. Why does time pass quickly in Paradise? There is no shortage of museums, shopping centers, terraces, nightclubs, restaurants, golf courses or aquariums.

    Seychelles is either a stay in Mahé or a combined stay Mahé and Praslin.

    Have a great honeymoon in the Seychelles!

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