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  1. How To Travel On Praslin Island?

    car seychelles


    There are taxis on the island of Praslin since the island has a road infrastructure unlike most other islands. It will be easy to find them at the bay of Sainte-Anne and of course in each village.

    Car Rental

    A car can be useful to travel more freely on Praslin. Car rental in the Seychelles is however quite expensive. 40 or 45 EUR / day for a small car. Fuel must be added to your budget (same price as in France). There are only two petrol stations on Praslin: one at Baie Sainte-Anne and the other at Grand’Anse. A French driving license is sufficient, but it is always preferable to have an international license. Be careful, driving is on the left and the steering wheel is on the right. Road conditions are fairly average and there are very few road signs. Difficult all the same to get lost because there are few roads and a small road map is enough. Be careful not to crush the many large land crabs that cross the roads during the day and especially at night.

    Bike renting

    The island of Praslin is not very large and traffic is small; The rental of a bike can therefore prove interesting on this island. To be known all the same: the differences in altitude are important and are not necessarily easy to face in the heat! The rental can be done mainly at Anse Volbert, Baie Sainte-Anne and Grand’Anse.

    Public transport

    A public bus network exists on the island of Praslin which allows to reach most places of the island. These are usually old Tata Indian vehicles. The cost is 0.30 EUR / pers. Whatever the route.


    The boat is a good way to get around the archipelago. For this, you can negotiate a private boat. Nothing could be simpler: just go to the beach of Anse Volbert to (usually) get accosted by someone who will offer you this type of transport. A sailing trip on a catamaran can also be a great way to discover the outskirts of the island.

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