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  1. Sailing the Seychelles

    Sailing seychelles

    Are you dreaming of a cruise on a sailing yacht in the Seychelles?

    Before choosing which monohull or catamaran you are going to sail, you are definitely questioning the best time to discover these islands paradisiac.

    The Seychelles

    Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands and islets, some of which are preserved from all human activity. Located in the Indian Ocean, just over 7,800 kilometers from France, about 9 hours of flight. The Seychelles Islands enjoy a tropical climate, with air temperatures well above 20 ° C throughout the year, and water temperatures varying between 27 ° C and 30 ° C. The Seychelles is a very popular navigation area, which has the advantage of not being on the road of cyclones.

    Climate in the Seychelles

    The influence of the monsoons on Seychelles’ weather is far from negligible and there are two distinct seasons: a cooler and dryer season, called “austral winter”, which runs from May to October and a wetter season, marked by torrential rains of short duration, between November and April. During the rainy season, temperatures are higher, and the atmosphere is particularly humid, under the influence of the north-west trade winds. During the cool season, it is the southeast trade winds blowing, making the temperatures more bearable, 22 ° C on average. These southeast monsoon trade winds can blow strong and make the sailing conditions tricky, with rough seas.

    When to sail?

    There is no really bad time to sail on a sailing yacht in Seychelles, but the off-season from March to May, and from September to November is often appreciated as the islands are less crowded, deserted beaches and sailing becomes even more enjoyable. Everything depends on your interests: Botanic lovers will prefer to go to Seychelles in January or February, while dive enthusiasts will find their happiness with even more clear seabed and a particularly calm ocean between October and March .

    The good period for renting a sailboat in the Seychelles archipelago is most certainly May, October, as well as at the beginning or end of trade winds.

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