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  1. Hotel Seychelles: Diving in the Seychelles

    diving in the seychelles

    The Seychelles are an archipelago of more than 110 islands in the western part of the Indian Ocean. These islands enjoy an ideal location and protected natural treasures. The tourist policy of the country has for years restricted the number of visitors annually, thus protecting the destination from too much tourist influx.

    This desire for protection allows the Seychelles to maintain their good-natured atmosphere while preserving their natural beauty. So, it is not uncommon to find yourself alone on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

    Unique landscapes in the world, endemic species of fauna and flora, a plethora of sports activities and discoveries, the Seychelles are the guarantee of an exceptional trip. The only risk is not to want to leave.


    Diving in the Seychelles

    Reef sharks, innumerable turtles, moray eels, colorful fish, shrimps and porcelain, the thousand colors of diving in the Seychelles will dazzle you long after your return.

    Non-divers can indulge in snorkeling since the beauty of the seabed is accessible from the very first meters. Here the Indian Ocean abounds with life and the dives are done in small committee.

    The dive sites are mostly accessible at all levels. The conditions are ideal to enjoy the maximum of your dives in Praslin, without stress, and just enjoying the pleasure of exceptional underwater encounters.


    The highlights of a diving trip to Praslin


    • The diversity of dives accessible at all levels

    • The sublime landscapes of the Seychelles

    • The most beautiful beaches in the world

    • The “big” and the macro mix in exceptional dives


    Diving around these gems of the Indian ocean is a must – you will, nowhere else, see such an affluence of marine life. You will surely not want to leave the water after indulging in either diving or snorkeling.

    Have a good dive in the Seychelles!

  2. Hotel Seychelles: Cruising!

    cruising the Seychelles

    Explore the unique islands of Seychelles aboard comfortable catamarans and visit this wonderful ocean – Indian Ocean. Be pampered by your crew and discover unforgettable islands, the unknown paradise of the Seychelles.

    The itineraries are so varied and each route will reveal a different jewel of the archipelago: wild bay accessible only by boat or small picturesque port living at the Creole rhythm. On board, you can enjoy the comfort of your cabin with private bathroom. You will also have the chance to taste the tasty dishes based on fresh local produce, especially fish and tropical fruits.

    Fan of diving? Experience an amazing session of diving in the paradise islands of the Seychelles, cruising conveniently from one island to the next aboard a charming catamaran, seeking out the archipelago’s most prolific underwater sites.

    Cruise Highlights

    The Vallee de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage and famous for its palm trees, its Coco de Mer and black parrots, Anse Lazio with its crystal clear waters, La Digue Island and Curieuse with the colony of huge turtles. Aride and Cousin Islands with their fascinating bird life. Felicité and Coco Islands for some of the best snorkelling in the Seychelles. All of these are some spots you can see during your cruise in the Seychelles! Here are some itineraries we advise if you are planning on cruising around the Seychelles!

    Cruise Itineraries

    7 nights / 8 days cruise:

    Mahe Inter Island Quay – St. Anne Island – Curieuse – Cousin Island – Anze Lazio – Aride – St Pierre – Baie St. Anne/ Praslin – Felicité – La Digue – Moyenne Island – Mahe Inter Island Quay.

    4 nights / 5 days cruise:

    Mahe Inter Island Quay – St. Anne Island – Curieuse – Cousin Island – Anze Lazio – Aride – St Pierre – Baie St. Anne/ Praslin.

    3 nights / 4 days cruise:

    Baie St. Anne/ Praslin – Felicité – La Digue – Moyenne Island – Mahe Inter Island Quay.

    Up to you to choose where you want to head off, but do not forget to stop by at Domaine de la Reserve for an authentic stay in an authentic island! Happy cruising in the Seychelles!

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