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  1. Seychelle’s Main Islands

    Seychelles islands

    We have concocted a special article featuring the 3 main islands of the Seychelles in a nutshell!


    The most adorable island of Seychelles. The most photographed, the most fantasized too. True confetti of heaven fallen from the sky, this piece of land still relatively undeveloped – cars are counted on the fingers of the hand – full of beaches with poetic names, one more sublime than the others: Grand Anse, Petite Anse, Anse Banane, Anse Cocos … Not to mention the mythical Anse Source d’Argent. Access is via the Union Estate Nature Park. In the air floats the intoxicating fragrance of vanilla, frangipani and allamandas with lemony flowers. After greeting a few pairs of giant tortoises, we pass the majestic palm-roofed colonial house which served as a backdrop for the latest film in the Emmanuelle series. A long ribbon of sand licked by a translucent lagoon stained with corals and lined with colossal pink granite blocks, stranded here like meteorites fallen from the sky, the Silver Source is simply perfection made beach and rightly deserves to be considered one of the most beautiful in the world.


    Praslin, second largest island of Seychelles, and home of Le Domaine de la Reserve. Praslin is also one of the most beautiful and endearing. More developed than La Digue but less agitated than Mahé, it represents an ideal compromise. There are of course unforgettable beaches, such as Anse Volbert or Anse Lazio (where was shot Pirates by Polanski), ideal for snorkeling or diving. But we also come to visit the Vallée de Mai, a splendid forest, the only place in the world where the coconut palm grows, an amazing tree producing gigantic nuts with erotic forms, emblem of Seychelles, beautifully named “cocos-fesses”.


    This is where the first contact with the archipelago is made. There you will hear for the first time the amazing Seychellois language, exotic and jovial mixture of English and French. There, too, you marvel for the first time on the incredible turquoise blue hemmed shapes of the coast and on the finesse and whiteness of the sand, unparalleled. If Mahé cannot claim the charm of Praslin or La Digue, it deserves that we linger there a day or two. The beauty of the landscapes, massive granite and lush vegetation, sometimes reminiscent of the French West Indies is amazing, especially in the north of the island, around Glacis, where the rock plays with the ocean a fascinating symphony of colors and colors.

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