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  1. Seychelles, discover the island of Praslin

    Seychelles Praslin Hotel


    A little culture

    We will make you discover the 2nd largest island of Seychelles: Praslin. It is an island that was used by merchants and also used as caches for pirates. There may be treasures that are still hidden, who knows?

    Praslin was called Island of Palms, before being renamed. It is also the island with many coconut palms and the famous coco-buttocks.

    Getting There

    To go to the island of Praslin, from the island of Mahe, you have 2 solutions. The 1st is to take the boat. We advise you to have the heart well hung, because the crossing lasts 1 hour, on a sea that can sometimes shake you a little … Personally, we did not try, knowing our ability not to resist a good seasickness.

    The second solution is to fly. Small Air Seychelles propeller planes, where you have almost the impression of flying! The crossing lasts 15 mins, and you fly over, as a bonus, pretty islands.

    What do we do on the spot?

    Already, the ideal is to rent a car. For that, it’s easy: you ask your hotel or your guest house to manage. The car will be delivered to you at home, practical!

    The Valley of May

    This is a visit you absolutely must make if you come to Praslin Island. A rainforest, classified as world heritage by UNESCO, class! You will see the famous coco-de-mer and their fruits: coco-buttocks, the symbol of Seychelles. One might think in the time of Jurassic Park.

    It seems that this forest has hardly changed since prehistoric times. It is a unique place in the world. Well, you knew that it was thought that coco-buttocks pushed to the bottom of the ocean because no one knew where they could come from. It is also the largest seed of the plant kingdom (which is worth a fortune if you want to buy one).

    As a bonus, there are pretty birds nestling in the trees, if you have good eyes. We advise you to take the longest way to visit, it is very accessible and not complicated as a walk. You will see, there are 3 of proposed. It’s up to you to see if you need a guide or not.

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