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  1. Praslin Hotel Seychelles – Best time to travel

    White beaches with granite rocks, palm trees and turquoise sea – these are the images that one has inevitably at the thought of the Seychelles. For being one of the most beautiful hotel on Praslin Seychelles, we agree, but the islands of the Seychellois archipelago have much more to offer than this postcard idyll.


    High mountains with impressive hiking trails in an UNESCO World Heritage Site is one example of undiscovered beauty of the Seychelles. The world’s oldest giant turtle and a prehistoric jungle with unique plants and animals. You probably get our point here, you can visit the Seychelles at any time of the year, there will always be something interesting to do.


    Whilst beaches are king in the Seychelles, we feel there is a misconception about what the country is as a tourist destination. The Seychelles is not a 100% beach destination, although it has some of the world’s top ranked beaches. The islands aren’t flat either. There are some impressive mountain peaks like Le Morne Seychellois, the highest point of the archipelago with its 906 m altitude offering the most beautiful view on the Indian Ocean.


    When to visit the Seychelles?

    As soon as you can! Seriously, the Seychelles is an all-year-round holiday destination that welcomes tourists from all over the world. Due to the proximity of the equator, the climate is always tropical-mild, the temperatures are almost constant during the day at around 30 degrees, at night they rarely drop below 25 degrees.


    Between December and February ia the time when the island nation receives most of its rain. Ah and we forgot to mention, there are no cyclones in the Seychelles thanks to its privileged location in the north west of the Indian Ocean.


    The months of November to March are good for diving and snorkeling, because the wind blows only slightly and the visibility under water is particularly good. If you want to sail, surf and / or hike, you should travel to the Seychelles between May and October, because then there is a pleasant wind and it is drier overall.


    If you want to enjoy beaches, lush vegetation and the numerous activities, you can visit the archipelago whenever you want. You can swim, sail, dive, fish all year round. If you are coming during Seychellois summer which is between june and august, you can get some really good airfare and hotel prices.


    We welcome guests throughout the year

    Here at Le Domaine de la Reserve Hotel Praslin, we welcome guests at any time of the year. We are located in a natural environment; a private resort facing a national marine park and our guests are some of the most pampered of the island. We invite you to take a look at our website and our variety of rooms.


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