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  1. Dream Vacations in the Seychelles

    Presentation of the three main islands of Seychelles: sport, beach, cultural discoveries or simple walks, your holidays will be unforgettable.

    And there you are, you know you’re going to Seychelles! Since that moment, you already dream of white sandy beaches and sumptuous landscapes … Then you remember that the Seychelles, it is mainly an archipelago: then which islands to choose and why?

    Three main islands are available to you: Mahé, the main island, Praslin and La Digue. At first, define your greatest desires for this trip: the sport? The relaxation at the edge of the water? The discovery of another culture?

    Praslin, perfect compromise between nap in the sun and sport

    Accessible by an internal flight, the island of Praslin is a little smaller than that of Mahé. It is here that you will find much more beautiful beaches. The island is visited by car. You will discover:

    • Its magnificent palm-tree nature reserve, the May Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983
    • An impressive panorama from some of the island’s highlights
    • But especially a place a little hidden, because inside a hotel (but nevertheless accessible to tourists): Anse Georgette … A turquoise water, a white sand beach and hundreds of fish that come to meet you: you are close to the ideal beach …
    • Also on Praslin, renting the services of a taxi-boat, the island of Saint-Pierre for snorkelling enthusiasts, and that of Curieuse for its nature reserve, where turtles are raised in freedom and where a nice walk among the mangroves is proposed.

    We strongly recommend Le Duc de Praslin for your holidays in Seychelles

    Mahé: cultural discoveries and sun

    Mahé is the main island of Seychelles, it is in direct connection with Paris. This is a definite advantage after long hours on the plane! Mahé is also the perfect island to meet the Seychellois. The best way to discover the island is probably to rent a car, but be careful: driving is on the left, which may require a little time to adapt. You will be able :

    • Discover the capital of Seychelles, Victoria, mingle with the locals and soak up a different culture
    • The night markets near the beach are also to be discovered. Charged with magic and scents, they will make you dream …
    • You will finally find beautiful beaches on your way, but let’s be honest, it is not in Mahé that the most beautiful are.

    La Digue: unforgettable beaches, wild nature and cycling in the program

    La Digue is probably the island of Seychelles that will enchant you the most. It is an island accessible only by boat, but really splendid. The traffic is done only by bicycle, which makes the air even more pure. You will be able:

    • Rent the services of a guide who will lead you (after a course worthy of true adventurers!) At the Cove Marron … The heart of the beauty of the Seychelles, absolutely beautiful! A magical beach, where you will be alone in the world. Still unknown, its access discourages many tourists and keeps this enchanting place its wild and majestic side
    • See Argent Cove, a beautiful botanical garden where turtles are bred
    • Above all, take long bike rides in a setting of rare beauty.

    The rest is to discover, there is nothing more wonderful than to see for yourself the beauty of the Seychelles … So it’s up to you to play!

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