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  1. Seychelles: the best Indian Ocean destination

    Why the Seychelles?


    Simply because it is the best exotic destination by excellence found in the Indian Ocean. Thousands of visitors seek this destination as they have seen wonderful things that can be found there and want to go back every year. It is indeed the place to be if you want to get once in a lifetime your mind blown away by what Mother Nature can offer to you.



    Treasures in Seychelles


    Anse Lazio

    It is an amazing white sandy beach found on Praslin Island. Unlike the others, Anse Lazio is constantly being bombarded by accolades attesting to its extreme and serene beauty.


    A peaceful scenery with a calm turquoise water, waves slapping against rocks without forgetting the numerous Takamaka tress.


    Anse Georgette

    One among the most beautiful beaches which gracing the Praslin island. It holds a special place on the list of beaches owing to its relative lack of visitors. It is ideally situated on the grounds of a private resort meaning that you will have privacy there.



    May Valley – At the heart of Praslin

    It is a national park nestled at the heart of Praslin. Nearly 20 hectares and funny enough is the world’s smallest natural heritage, the forest already existed when the Seychelles still belonged to the primordial continent of Gondwana. La Vallée is home to the black Seychelles parrot, the Praslin snail, the Seychelles tree frog, and the Green Day gecko.




    Hidden Gem : Domaine de la Reserve



    Domaine de la Reserve is absolutely the place to be during your holidays in order for them to be 100% successful. Le Domaine de la Réserve Hotel Praslin invites you to explore and discover what Seychelles has to offer. One thing is sure, this place is unique with its activities such as big game fishing, hikings in nature and snorkeling.

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