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  1. When can you travel to Praslin again?

    Praslin better than before


    After several months without a flight, the Seychelles are once again ready to welcome you on its paradisiacal islands, especially Praslin. Since Seychelles has not really been impacted by the Coronavirus, in July flights will normally resume, of course, with respect for the sanitary measures imposed. So if after being confined you want to go on a trip, you now know where you need to go. What could be better than the sun and the beautiful beaches to forget this pandemic that has brought the world to a halt.


    Activities to do on Praslin


    Eventually, activities will resume better on Praslin with many newness.


    Diving in the waters of Praslin


    Dive and go out in the high seas to discover the colorful fish of the coral reef under its crystal clear waters bordering the coves with granite cliffs. A relaxing day at the beach will also be an opportunity for snorkeling because most of the Seychelles diving spots are accessible from the beaches. For those who can’t swim, you can take a trip on a glass-bottom boat to explore the beautiful underwater surroundings.


    La Vallee de Mai


    Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983, La Valle de Mai is seen by many as the Garden of Eden. In this forest, you will find the famous “coco fess”, or sea coconut palms. Different species of birds can also be observed, for example the black parrot, the endemic bird of Praslin and various reptiles such as geckos.


    Domaine de la réserve


    To close it all off, don’t miss this little gem called the Domaine de la Reserve because it has a lot of surprises to offer you. A true paradise on Earth, one thing is on you will come out from this place with memories full of your head.


    This place offers you a heavenly setting where you can do many activities under the sun.

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