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  1. Book your hotel in Praslin post Covid 19

    After having been closed for more than 2 months due to the Coronavirus the Seychelles borders are have opened to welcome new visitors.  In fact going to Praslin post Covid 19 sounds like heaven.

    However each passenger, whether arriving or departing will have to have in their possession a negative Coronavirus test for them to be able to go on board, this will determine whether they are positive to the virus. It is better to postpone if you are feeling sick, to avoid spreading g the virus all around.

    What to do in Praslin?

    Big Game Fishing

    Here is a call for all the fish lovers as in Praslin, fishing is one among the best activities you will come to experience on the island. A large variety of fish is to be discovered.

    Visit the Vallée de Mai

    Found on Praslin Island, the black widow of Seychelles certainly deserves to be discovered in the beautiful Vallée de Mai.  With the endemic palm, cinnamon, Dodonaeaviscosa, mango, and Randialancifolia, intermediate palm forest, unique to the Vallée de Mai, with coco de Mer this place attracts a lot of visitors.

    Domaine de la reserve

    The Domaine de la Reserve is a four-star hotel perfectly located in the bay of Anse Petite Cour. It offers flawless services that will contribute to make you have a great vacation in Praslin.

    By far the ideal place to relax, the Domaine de la Réserve is the dream destination for the family as well as for couples. With its waterfront villas, you will feel like you are in paradise or have a waking dream. One thing is certain, your vacation in this piece of paradise will forever be etched in your memories.

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