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  1. What activities to do in Praslin in January

    The Seychelles are very welcoming all year round, but more so in January just after the festivities. Indeed, the island shines at this time of year allowing visitors to be able to do a lot of activities, especially those concerning water.
    Activities in January
    Snorkeling in deep waters
    The Domaine de la Réserve is ideally located in a marine park so snorkeling and kayaking are the activities you can do in the surrounding area. Knowing that the hotel offers and gives facilities so that you can do these kinds of activities. Note that Anse Petite Cour is an ideal spot.
    By far one of the best activities on Praslin is still deep sea fishing which will delight those who like to go fishing for big fish. It is an absolutely must-see experience on the island. Depending on the season, you will discover fish such as blue or black marlin, tuna and even sharks with a little luck. One thing is for sure with the wonders of these waters, you will not believe your eyes when you go to see the beauty of Praslin.
    Nature hikes
    You will be delighted if you are a fan of hiking because what awaits you in the forests and exotic corners of Praslin will take your breath away. Praslin is an island paradise on which, many natural paths are found in order to allow you to go hiking. Located near Domaine de la Réserve, Ile Curieuse is a place highly recommended by many visitors to do this kind of activity in Praslin. To discover, exotic plants, rare birds and especially turtles, young and old.
    Domaine de la Reserve
    The Domaine de la Reserve is a four-star hotel in Praslin, ideally located in the bay of Anse Petite Cour, offers you flawless service that will allow you to have an excellent holiday. The Domaine de la Réserve is the dream destination among the hotels Praslin, an ideal place to relax with its sumptuous villas, you will have the impression of being in paradise or of having a waking dream. One thing is certain, your vacation in this little corner of paradise called Domaine de la Reserve will remain forever etched in your memories.

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