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  1. Praslin after covid-19

    Covid-19 was a very difficult phase for several countries, particularly the Seychelles and more particularly Praslin. Indeed the island is used to welcoming several thousand tourists a year but with the epidemic, things have calmed down.

    But more fear than harm because Praslin is ready to welcome you for a magnificent holiday in the Sun but with sanitary measures to be observed of course.

    You will be able to resume your activities on the island as before the confinement, in particular visiting the most beautiful beaches in the world.

    Anse Bateau 

    Anse Bateau is a small deserted bay in the south of Praslin, near Grand Anse. While the water is not deep enough for swimming, the impressive rock formations and views of three other Seychelles islands make Anse Bateau a good option for photography and beach walks.

    Anse Boudin

    Anse Boudin is a beautiful beach in the north-east of Praslin which offers a breathtaking view of the Curieuse Island. The beach is popular with locals. You will have a great opportunity to get a glimpse into Seychellois life.

    Anse Lemon

    Anse Citron is a small secluded beach in the southwest of Praslin. Very shallow, it is not suitable for swimming. The beautiful scenery and sparkling white sand, however, create the perfect conditions for picnics in a relaxed atmosphere under the tropical Seychelles sun.

    Anse Consolation

    Anse Consolation is a small beach, located in a picturesque bay in the south of Praslin. The sea is very shallow and not suitable for swimming. That shouldn’t make you forgo a visit, though. Indeed, the rock formations of granite and coral give it a unique appearance.

    Domaine de la Reserve

    Then, above all, don’t forget to drop off your suitcases at the Domaine de la Reserve, which will give you a magical welcome. In this place, you will be able to relax surrounded by greenery. Magnificent hotel in Praslin, unforgettable memories will remain in your heads.

  2. Things to do in Praslin in April

    Visit cousin island

    On Cousin Island in April, its unspoiled nature and its rich variety of birds is impressive. A scuba diving excursion takes you to St Pierre, a small collection of rocks with a fascinating underwater world. For a longer boat trip and a must-see for all bird watchers, a trip to Aride, the Island of the Birds, is definitely worth a visit.

    Located just a few meters from the Vallée de Mai, you will find a hiking trail on Praslin Island that will take you to the top of Glacis Noir. About 1 km long, this short hike takes you through the heart of dense and lush vegetation. You will find there some coconut trees producing the famous “coco fesse”. If you are lucky, you may come across the path of blue pigeons, a species of bird unique to the Seychelles.

    This short hike that seems easy at first turns out to be more difficult once you get halfway. Indeed, the path narrows and becomes steeper. However the effort is really worth it once you get to the top … The view is simply breathtaking!

    The villages of Sainte Anne and Grande Anse

    The majority of the inhabitants of the Seychelles live on the bay of Sainte-Anne and Grande Anse which facilitate access to the ocean. Sainte-Anne is a small, peaceful and colorful town where you can visit its church and browse the shops. There is also a small market located near the Independence Monument.
    The village of Grande Anse is a very lively place in Praslin. There you will find a few shops, restaurants and bars scattered throughout the quaint charming streets. In Grande Anse or Sainte-Anne, we advise you to meet the locals to discover their way of life in this dream setting.

    Domaine de la Reserve

    There is an extraordinary place on Praslin to visit as well and that is the Domaine de la Reserve. Sumptuous hotel in Praslin, surrounded by greenery in an idyllic setting, one thing is certain, you will be amazed by this place.

  3. Best places on Praslin

    The Praslin Museum

    Visiting the Praslin Museum is one of the best ways to experience the cultural and historical face of Seychelles. This aspect too often neglected by travelers is however fascinating. Dedicated to the arts and popular traditions, this museum is not managed by the state but by a young enthusiast who has decided to dedicate two rooms of his house to exhibitions of photos and objects from the colonial period. Outside, there is also a collection of medicinal and endemic plants, such as bwa jolicoeur, which helps fight diabetes. Visitors are also encouraged to actively participate in local customs by learning, for example, how to shell a coconut.

    Bay of Sainte-Anne

    Considered the commercial center of Praslin, Baie Sainte-Anne is the island’s most important port since it is here that schooners from La Digue and Mahé dock. At the back, the village of the same name is the largest in the area with its hospital, school and superb white church. But that’s not all, because it is also in the heart of the bay that some of the nicest beaches on the island can be found. We will cite in particular Anse Bonnet Carré, Anse Madge, Anse Badamier. So many sumptuous beaches where you will have the opportunity to relax and soak up the sun.

    The aquaculture farm

    Guardian of the Seychelles aquaculture traditions, Praslin is home to the giant clam farm where we discover the cultivation of black pearls, a new variety of rare black pearls with copper nuances. Visiting the Praslin Aquaculture Farm allows you to learn more about these amazing black-lipped clams and how these exceptional jewels are produced and harvested. At the end of the tour, you will even have the opportunity to purchase a souvenir in the form of a ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings.

    Excursions to neighboring islands

    To explore Praslin in depth, travelers should definitely go on an excursion to explore the neighboring islands. Appreciated for its concentration of giant tortoises, the island of Curieuse is a must-see. The same goes for Cousin Island where we will suggest you visit a nature reserve inhabited by a multitude of endemic bird species and hawksbill turtles. North of Praslin, Aride Island is also a favorite stopover for its lush vegetation and impressive biodiversity.

    Domaine de la Reserve

    The Domaine de la Reserve remains the most essential place to visit on the island because this hotel in Praslin is by far a true paradise on Earth. With quality, quiet weather in one of the most protected areas of Praslin Island and the Seychelles. It is a haven of peace where all your stresses will disappear.

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