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  1. Praslin Seychelles; Reasons To Visit The Seychelles

    The Seychelles islands dwells on the coast of  East Africa in the warm of  the Indian Ocean north of both Madagascar and Mauritius.  The Seychelles consist of 115 islands, but the three main ones very well known by tourists are Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. A paradise for travellers where they can relax and enjoy the incredible landscapes that  Seychelles offer.  Island-hopping is the best way to get to know all  the different sides of  the Seychelles.


    Each of the Seychelles islands has its own natural world.

    You will find  other tourists in  some islands of the Seychelles,while the other islands are almost completely deserted and offer peace, quiet, and mere solitude. Apart from mountains, beaches, or lush vegetation, the Seychelles are also home to all kinds of  landscapes and scenery.


    Each island of Seychelles is encircled by a stunning coastal landscaping consisting of warm, turquoise water, powdery-fine white sand, and palm trees. You will be delighted by the unique features of each  beach and bay.


    The magnificent vegetation is found on the Seychelles’ beaches and in its nature parks as well as the tropical gardens that many accommodations offer. The lush, deep-green plant world of the Seychelles will make you feel  overjoyed., you will discover huge trees, exotic flowers and bushes, and a wide range of tropical fruits. The  Coco de Mer Palm trees, which is a unique range of  species are strictly protected by the Seychelles.


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