Art and culture in Seychelles

Traveling in the Seychelles archipelago

While traveling in the Seychelles, you will discover a culture with varied accents. From Mahe to La Digue, via Praslin, the Creole houses and splendid villages of Seychelles will amaze you. Most are covered with a palm roof or corrugated iron.

The old colonial houses are must visits during holidays in the in the Seychelles.These are the Domaine de Val des Prés and Le Jardin du Roi on Mahe, or the Union Estate on La Digue.In the Seychelles archipelago, the villas of the hotels often offer traditional architecture. Seychelles woods, like coconut and takamaka, are used for decoration.

Local Handicrafts and Souvenirs

Souvenirs in the Seychelles are typical and numerous. Spices, vanilla and coconut oil evoke the scents of the Seychelles archipelago and the flavors of Creole cuisine.

In Mahe, the shopping streets of the capital Victoria is full of shops where you can buy tropical jams, tea, shells, t-shirts, hats and woven baskets. But the iconic memory of the Seychelles archipelago remains the coco fess. The coco de mer nuts with its naturally rounded shapes is offered as is, or carved and decorated with seeds.

When buying coco fess, ask a sales certificate to leave the Seychelles with it. At Domaine de Val des Pres, the craft village Mahé has many objects of the Seychelles archipelago, ship models of which, carried out meticulously. From one island to another the Seychelles culture is expressed through music, diverse backgrounds.

Sega and African moutia are created via the vibration of their drums and banging their maravannes (coconut full of seeds). The rhythms of music in the Seychelles also have their roots in old French tunes. Dances of the past, like the waltz and polka were adapted by popular singers of the Seychelles archipelago.

The hotels offer regular musical evenings to beat time on the Creole rhythms. At Mahe, but also in other islands of the Seychelles. For a stay in gaiety!

Seychelles culture


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