1. Hotel Seychelles: What to eat?

    food seychelles

    The most important advice I can give you about local Seychelles food, the only one that will elevate you to another level than being a mere tourist and becoming a true traveler immersed in the local culture is to keep away from McDonalds as much as possible. When visiting Seychelles, there will be some excellent local food to try. Head to the local restaurants and go where locals go. For me, food, wine and water are part of the travel experience.

    What to eat in Seychelles?

    Seychellois cuisine has been greatly influenced by the rich cultures of the islands. Creole cuisine, many seafood, coconut and curry are the most popular. The country’s main product, fish, is cooked in a variety of ways. Especially the red snapper which is very tasty and well known by the visitors. For the cheapest food, all you have to do is collect coconuts on the beach and learn how to open their terrible protection (not the shell, which is easy but a thick blanket of natural fibers, to open it you have to hit the coconut very strongly many times around the edges, sooner or later, the fibers eventually break).

    What to drink in Seychelles?

    Seychelles has a fantastic nightlife that caters to tourists. The active nightlife is mainly around the big hotels and in addition to theaters, cinemas and discotheques, there are many trendy restaurants. If you like good beer you have to try the local beer Seybrew, it tastes similar to a Bavarian style beer and it is a must to end a peaceful day at the beach. You can simply buy a pack at roadside stores, such as locals rather than hotels. A Takamaka Rum on the beach on a starry night is the best way to end a day in the Seychelles.

    Have a great time in the Seychelles!

  2. Hotel Seychelles: What to do in the Seychelles?


    You are wondering what to do during your holidays in the Seychelles? Well, those islands have so much to offer and we are pretty sure you will not be able to make a choice among this plethora of activities proposed on these jewels of the Indian ocean – this is why we have made a shortlist to facilitate this difficult task!

    Rent a boat in the Seychelles

    Getting a boat from one of the boat rental companies in Seychelles is one of the best way to experience a day of diving or a trip around Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. Why not go for a diving course or diving excursions … This is a great way to explore some of the islands around Praslin and Mahe all of which make up the 115 islands of the Seychelles.

    Enjoy a few roulettes at the Casino

    If you would love to try your luck at the casino and earn some money during your Seychelles holidays, try one of the local casinos. Try the Chalets d’Anse Forbans one of the lucky center with 200 slot machines and a bar. You can relax and enjoy the game or watch the others have fun while sipping on an exotic cocktail.

    Love Dancing? Try the DISCO

    If nightlife is something you would like to try in Seychelles, Katiolo is a must go. Katiolo is a unique outdoor nightclub on the island of Mahe which offers parties with a Creole touch and a lively atmosphere. Katiolo is some 10-minute drive from Seychelles International Airport.

    Catch a Fish in Seychellois Water

    Why not try and catch a fish and come back to the Hotel for a BBQ? Whether you want to go fishing or just relax on the high seas, local operators will be happy to help. There are also some great places in Seychellois lagoon for fly fishing. Another easier way to catch a fish is simply to sit on the beach with your cane. You will be able to fish while admiring the landscape and sipping your Seybrew (Beer Seychelloise)

    Enjoy the underwater life

    One of the must do excursions that we highly recommend: a tour aboard a glass bottom boat in the  “St Anne National Marine Park”. You will have the impression of swimming with fish… You can also feed them, so do not forget to bring some bread with you.

    Play Golf in the Seychelles

    If you are a golf enthusiast, the “Seychelles Golf Club”, located in Anse aux Pins, is a nine-hole course built on an old coconut plantation. It is about 15 minutes from Seychelles International Airport. And if you are not into leaving The island of Praslin – no need to worry – there is a nice golf course there too.

    Enjoy your holidays in the Seychelles

  3. Domaine de la Reserve in a Nutshell

    domaine de la reserve

    The magnificent setting of Domaine de La Réserve is located in Anse Petite Cour bay on Praslin Island in Seychelles. The beach is private, covered with fine sand, lined with large rocks and gives a breathtaking view of Curieuse Island located in the National Marine Park.

    With its Villas “feet in the water”, it is the perfect place to relax. The Domaine de La Reserve will fulfill your desires, with its underwater activities. Snorkeling will take you to a splendid coral reef, full of life, a few meters from the beach. The Domaine de La Réserve is composed of 40 rooms in the style of the Creole houses. Its welcoming rooms have two floors, sheltering the warm atmosphere Seychelloise.

    A trip in The Seychelles

    First Praslin, the red island. The Valley of May is a veritable cathedral of palms, the natural sanctuary of the largest seed in the world. Just find yourself a sublime shaded beach, fine sand, a calm sea, sun loungers to keep an eye on the toddlers and enjoy paradise. Then Mahe and his stories of pirates. Do you know the Buse, a legendary pirate, who amassed an enormous booty by seizing the Portuguese ship of the Virgin Cape? The diamonds, precious stones and gold bars on board would have been buried around Victoria … To your shovels! One settles in the wild south on Lazare Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches of Mahé.

    On your agenda – By car, by boat, on foot or by bicycle, we will put you on the trail of the most beautiful places of nature to explore. A day by bike is planned on La Digue, as well as a cruise to the islands Curieuse and St Pierre. In Mahé, you will enjoy a rental car for two days to radiate on the island in freedom. Relaxation, detox massage and aperitif at the setting sun are already registered on the agenda. Not forgetting the pristine, deserted beaches since the dawn of time, and their translucent waters inviting snorkeling or kayaking for adepts.

    Happy Holidays in the Seychelles

  4. Why visit Mahé?

    mahe beach seychelles

    Although the island seems less typical and more “international” than its neighbors Praslin and La Digue, which have preserved a certain charm, Mahe is well worth a visit and is a perfect transition before returning home.

    To stroll the streets of Victoria …

    With a population of “only” 27,000 inhabitants, quietly visit, walk and take full advantage of this beautiful capital… It is swept away by the excitement of the market, you can stroll to shops and boutiques and taste delicious local specialties in its many restaurants …

    At the exit of the city, go up the road to join the beautiful Beau Vallon Bay. This is the most touristic area of ​​the island and the only site where you can enjoy motorized water sports.

    To go on an adventure in the National Park Morne Seychellois.

    A stay in Mahé offers multiple possibilities, the ideal is to rent a car or take day trips to explore the island. Nicknamed the “Island of Abundance” Mahé has a very lush vegetation and high terrain with the Morne Seychellois, located in the northwestern tip which rises to over 900 meters. Hiking enthusiasts will find their happiness.

    To walk along the pristine beaches of the west coast.

    It is on this coast, wilder and authentic, that extend from north to south, that you will come across the most beautiful beaches. A few steps from the National Park, the beach unveils its clear waters full of small tropical fish.

    Along the coastal road from Port Launay to the wonderful Anse Takamaka and Anse Intendance, the fun is endless. A wonderful parade along the coastline with coves of white sand, sometimes deserted, are things you can discover while having a trip on the western coast of this beautiful island of the Seychelles.

    Enjoy your trip on Mahe in the Seychelles!

  5. Seychelles is the perfect destination for …


    1. Its beaches, the most beautiful in the world

    You’ll find the most beautiful beaches in the world in the Seychelles. The powdery white sand, crystal clear water and beautiful rock formations are simply irresistible.

    2. The summer is here all year

    They are so close to the equator, the islands are a place where you can spend your vacation at any time of year. Temperatures are consistently perfect at about 30 degrees throughout the year and they vary only by one or two degrees.

    3. An incredible variety of activities and attractions

    The islands provide a multitude of activities and attractions. Unlike the Maldives and other islands, Seychelles has much to offer and guarantee both relaxation and adventure. Did you know that the slopes of Morne Seychellois, covered with rainforest, rise in part to 1000 meters above sea level? The Seychelles are not just perfect to make snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing, but also ideal for hiking, biking and shopping. If you are looking for a real adventure, you should explore the island with a jeep you can hire easily.

    4. His culinary delights

    There is no other place in the world to offer you such a delicious Creole cuisine. This kitchen offering mainly fish and seafood, reflects the diversity of indigenous cultures and is a mix of Asian, European and African.

    5. Its huge coral reefs

    Unlike other dive sites, many parts of the island are characterized by their intact coral reef. You will be dazzled by a fascinating underwater world and world famous, filled with abundant and colorful fish stocks.

    6. A safe place

    It is relatively safe to travel at any time of day. With its high standard of living comparable to that of Central Europe, the Seychelles crime rate is low.

    7. Its unique and unparalleled wildlife

    Just like the island itself, the fauna is distinguished by its diverse and colorful structures. You will be fascinated by an incredible wide panorama of local birds and land animals starting from the smallest frog in the world to giant tortoises. The best part is you will not find any poisonous or dangerous animal on the Seychelles. You will not see either snake or take the risk of getting malaria.

    8. A place of rest and relaxation

    Islands provide you tranquility and absolute relaxation. As the Seychelles are a high-end tourist destination in fashion and luxury, there is no mass tourism. You will always find empty beaches. Therefore, the Seychelles are paradise on earth for newlyweds on honeymoon or couples who like to enjoy a romantic vacation.

    9. Its accommodation for all tastes

    You will find accommodations of all types and in all price ranges. Starting from a simple guest house but to a sparkling luxury six-star hotel, there is something for everyone.

    10. Personalized Island hopping

    You will be able to perform an individual and unforgettable visit of different islands in the Seychelles where you can explore the diversity of each island a very pleasant way. Go from one island to another from Mahé to Praslin, La Digue, Cerf Island or one of the outer islands easily for a reasonable price.

    Have wonderful holidays in the Seychelles!

  6. Anse Lazio beach Praslin

    Anse lazio Waves

    Anse Lazio is one of the most famous beaches of Praslin but not only, the beach tops regularly in the 10 best beaches in the world. Anse Lazio has the finest white sand you can find on earth and is also among the cleanest beaches out there; discovery!

    Many see Anse Lazio as a living postcard, a treasure on an already flabbergasting island. The beach is located in the north of Praslin and is an extension to the beach of Côte-d’Or. Anse Lazio is lined by a lush vegetation and is free of any hotels, a true pristine beach.

    What makes Anse Lazio so special is its amazing setting of white sand, huge granitic elevations and its dazzling gradient of turquoise to lapis lazuli lagoon. While the beach is one of the most popular in Praslin, it is paradoxically deserted.

    This is probably explained by the 15 minutes trek required to reach Anse Lazio when taking the bus, but as for all good things, you have to merit it. Once you reach the beach though, you will find it’s definitely worth the hike, a perfect cocktail of tranquillity, treat and bliss!

    If you are newlyweds and looking for a romantic tropical setting, Anse Lazio will fit your requirements like a glove. The beach offers calm crystalline warm water to enjoy the best sport activities, swimming, snorkelling and diving.

    Anse Lazio is fairly commodious, nearly half a kilometre of pure white sand, nothing like mass tourism, just a blissful hideaway. There are two beach restaurants nearby and that’s all you will probably find as urbanisation, no street lights and most people get around on bicycles.

    The only drawback on Anse Lazio is its strong waves. This is probably great if you have some surfing skills but precautions are to be taken, especially with children.

    If you are looking for accommodation near Anse Lazio, Domaine de La Réserve is one of the finest hotels of Seychelles and we are located minutes away from Anse Lazio.

    Book your flight to Praslin


  7. Domaine de la Réserve Hotel Seychelles: Discover Praslin

    Some say its heaven while some say it’s the Garden of Eden, one thing for sure is that Praslin is a unique island. This small island of 38km² is covered with lush forestation and is enclosed by coral reefs.

    Praslin is the second largest island of the Seychelles archipelago and it has around 6,500 inhabitants. The island has built a serious reputation as a luxurious tourism destination. Many activities and attractions are presented to the visitors who want to have a preview of heaven and enjoy soothing holidays. Here are the best attractions of Praslin:

    Vallée de Mai (May Valley Nature Reserve)

    May Valley Praslin

    With the Indian Ocean tropical climate, the Seychelles archipelago enjoyed from a fauna and flora more than abundant, especially on the island of Praslin. Vallée de Mai gives you an idea of what the island looked like two hundred years ago.

    From the biodiversity point of view, this nature reserve is a very important subject for all plant and animal life in the Seychelles like the rare black parrot. Among all the various sorts (species) of plants sheltered in the valley of May, the sea coconut (coco de mer) is by far the most exceptional. They have a life expectancy of an average of 400 years and it is necessary to wait on average 20 years before they can produce their fruit.

    The park is located in the heart of Praslin, in the centre of the island, only 9 minutes by car from our hotel. World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1983, this park is the nucleus of Praslin.

    Beaches of Praslin

    Anse Lazio beach

    Anse Lazio beach

    The island of Praslin is mostly famous for its pristine beaches and its amazingly warm lagoon. It is very easy to walk and come across a deserted beach on Praslin, in fact, walking is the best way to discover the island. Here are some of the many beaches of Praslin:

    Anse Petite Cour

    Bounded by a coral reef marine park, this private beach offers fine sand white beach along with warm water. The beach is protected by a beautiful coral barrier making it ideal for bathing and even better for diving and snorkelling.

    It is in that fascinating environment that the Domaine de La Réserve is located. At the same time, you can enjoy from world class accommodation and a charming view of what nature has to offer. The hotel provides many facilities to discover the island and its neighbourhood.

    Anse Georgette

    Located in the northwest of Praslin, this small deserted beach is one of the hidden treasures of the Seychelles archipelago. Anse Georgette is somewhat uncommon, because it can only be reached by walk. If you like hiking and trekking, this beach is definitively worth seeing because it really gives a feeling of paradise lost in the middle of anybody leaves.

    Anse Lazio

    With its endless spread of white sand and vivid turquoise lagoon, Anse Lazio characterises itself as the best of the island of Praslin. The beach is bordered by large granite boulders and Takamaka trees and is regarded as one of the world’s favourite honeymoon destination.

  8. How to choose your beach villa in Praslin

    Holidays! The most awaited time of the year! Are you looking for a hotel or a beach villa in Praslin Seychelles? With the internet, it has never been easier to find exactly what you are looking for. That said, it can be quite a task if you are not a regular user of the web. Nowadays, there are so many ads, fraudulent websites and photoshopped pictures everywhere, vigilance is required!

    Many factors are to be considered when opting for a hotel or a beach villa. Hopefully, with some researches and our free tips, you will be able to plan a memorable family holiday to Praslin and everyone will enjoy from it. So, get your pen and notebook ready, here are some noteworthy tips for choosing your beach villa in Praslin.


    Location is the most important factor to consider when choosing a villa or a hotel in general. And given that the Seychelles archipelago comprises of more than 100 different islands, it becomes even more important to choose a destination island.

    Typically, a location is chosen based on the activities one wants to do during the stay. Fortuitously, Praslin has everything a traveler would want for his holidays. The island has some of the best beaches of Seychelles. It is so easy to find an abandoned beach on Praslin.

    Geographically, the island of Praslin is perfectly situated in the north of the Archipelago. Mahé is just 15 minutes away by plane and less than an hour by ferry. The island is also very near to La Digue and its award winning beaches. Its proximity to the northern islands makes it very convenient for the visitors to trip the surrounding pristine islets.


    Because it is important to know where you are going to spend most of your holiday time, some researches and some precautions are always useful. Choosing a beach villa or a hotel is much easier than you might think, here are some criteria on which you can rely on to make your choice:


    The first thing is to scout the best hotels in Praslin according to your budget and accommodation needs. Most hotel booking websites offer the possibility to compare hotel deals. By doing this, you can have a middling idea of how much you need to spend. Before doing any kind of booking, check on the hotel’s website, usually the hotel applies seasonal discounts and special offers that can be more interesting.

    Check the stars

    Stars are very useful, they are here to inform the client about the quality of service that the villa or hotel offers. A well rated hotel will provide a wide range of service, like boat trips, organized excursions, qualified personnel and much more.


    Checking real customer reviews on websites like TripAdvisor or Vinivi is the best place to get all your questions answered. Thousands of reviews will give you an idea of what to expect in accommodation and service. In addition to this, you will find thousands of genuine candid customer photos to help you make your choice. Likewise, you can check the hotel’s blog for local advice and to see if there is any renovation or restoration going on.


    Google Map the neighboring of the hotel to find the best places and activities feasible around the hotel. You will find some useful information too about a bus stop, shops, supermarkets, ATMs, or restaurants nearby. You can switch to GoogleEarth or Street View to have a more visual aspect of the hotel and if it is nestled on a beach.

    We hope you chose Le Domaine de La Réserve and give us good rating too! Happy holidays!

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