1. Praslin Seychelles; Reasons To Visit The Seychelles

    The Seychelles islands dwells on the coast of  East Africa in the warm of  the Indian Ocean north of both Madagascar and Mauritius.  The Seychelles consist of 115 islands, but the three main ones very well known by tourists are Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. A paradise for travellers where they can relax and enjoy the incredible landscapes that  Seychelles offer.  Island-hopping is the best way to get to know all  the different sides of  the Seychelles.


    Each of the Seychelles islands has its own natural world.

    You will find  other tourists in  some islands of the Seychelles,while the other islands are almost completely deserted and offer peace, quiet, and mere solitude. Apart from mountains, beaches, or lush vegetation, the Seychelles are also home to all kinds of  landscapes and scenery.


    Each island of Seychelles is encircled by a stunning coastal landscaping consisting of warm, turquoise water, powdery-fine white sand, and palm trees. You will be delighted by the unique features of each  beach and bay.


    The magnificent vegetation is found on the Seychelles’ beaches and in its nature parks as well as the tropical gardens that many accommodations offer. The lush, deep-green plant world of the Seychelles will make you feel  overjoyed., you will discover huge trees, exotic flowers and bushes, and a wide range of tropical fruits. The  Coco de Mer Palm trees, which is a unique range of  species are strictly protected by the Seychelles.


  2. Hotel Praslin Seychelles: Staying in a Covid Safe Hotel

    The Seychelles is an archipelagos found in the Indian Ocean comprising of 115 islands. The  three  most popular islands are Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. Seychelles is well known for its lust tropical vegetation, beautiful beaches and its wide variety of marine life,

    If you are planning your end-of-year holidays, Seychelles is the perfect travel destination.


    Tourists from all around the world are welcome to vacation in the Seychelles. However, due to the Covid-19 new variant; omicron, there are some countries which are on the restricted list in the Seychelles:

    Visitors coming from countries on the restricted list, that is those countries having the Covid-19 omicron virus are not allowed to enter the Seychelles. To find out if your country is on the restricted list,  you need to visit the government official website of the Seychelles before planning your trip. (more…)

  3. Dream Vacations in the Seychelles

    Presentation of the three main islands of Seychelles: sport, beach, cultural discoveries or simple walks, your holidays will be unforgettable.

    And there you are, you know you’re going to Seychelles! Since that moment, you already dream of white sandy beaches and sumptuous landscapes … Then you remember that the Seychelles, it is mainly an archipelago: then which islands to choose and why?

    Three main islands are available to you: Mahé, the main island, Praslin and La Digue. At first, define your greatest desires for this trip: the sport? The relaxation at the edge of the water? The discovery of another culture?

    Praslin, perfect compromise between nap in the sun and sport

    Accessible by an internal flight, the island of Praslin is a little smaller than that of Mahé. It is here that you will find much more beautiful beaches. The island is visited by car. You will discover:

    • Its magnificent palm-tree nature reserve, the May Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983
    • An impressive panorama from some of the island’s highlights
    • But especially a place a little hidden, because inside a hotel (but nevertheless accessible to tourists): Anse Georgette … A turquoise water, a white sand beach and hundreds of fish that come to meet you: you are close to the ideal beach …
    • Also on Praslin, renting the services of a taxi-boat, the island of Saint-Pierre for snorkelling enthusiasts, and that of Curieuse for its nature reserve, where turtles are raised in freedom and where a nice walk among the mangroves is proposed.

    We strongly recommend Le Duc de Praslin for your holidays in Seychelles

    Mahé: cultural discoveries and sun

    Mahé is the main island of Seychelles, it is in direct connection with Paris. This is a definite advantage after long hours on the plane! Mahé is also the perfect island to meet the Seychellois. The best way to discover the island is probably to rent a car, but be careful: driving is on the left, which may require a little time to adapt. You will be able :

    • Discover the capital of Seychelles, Victoria, mingle with the locals and soak up a different culture
    • The night markets near the beach are also to be discovered. Charged with magic and scents, they will make you dream …
    • You will finally find beautiful beaches on your way, but let’s be honest, it is not in Mahé that the most beautiful are.

    La Digue: unforgettable beaches, wild nature and cycling in the program

    La Digue is probably the island of Seychelles that will enchant you the most. It is an island accessible only by boat, but really splendid. The traffic is done only by bicycle, which makes the air even more pure. You will be able:

    • Rent the services of a guide who will lead you (after a course worthy of true adventurers!) At the Cove Marron … The heart of the beauty of the Seychelles, absolutely beautiful! A magical beach, where you will be alone in the world. Still unknown, its access discourages many tourists and keeps this enchanting place its wild and majestic side
    • See Argent Cove, a beautiful botanical garden where turtles are bred
    • Above all, take long bike rides in a setting of rare beauty.

    The rest is to discover, there is nothing more wonderful than to see for yourself the beauty of the Seychelles … So it’s up to you to play!

  4. Seychelles, discover the island of Praslin

    Seychelles Praslin Hotel


    A little culture

    We will make you discover the 2nd largest island of Seychelles: Praslin. It is an island that was used by merchants and also used as caches for pirates. There may be treasures that are still hidden, who knows?

    Praslin was called Island of Palms, before being renamed. It is also the island with many coconut palms and the famous coco-buttocks.

    Getting There

    To go to the island of Praslin, from the island of Mahe, you have 2 solutions. The 1st is to take the boat. We advise you to have the heart well hung, because the crossing lasts 1 hour, on a sea that can sometimes shake you a little … Personally, we did not try, knowing our ability not to resist a good seasickness.

    The second solution is to fly. Small Air Seychelles propeller planes, where you have almost the impression of flying! The crossing lasts 15 mins, and you fly over, as a bonus, pretty islands.

    What do we do on the spot?

    Already, the ideal is to rent a car. For that, it’s easy: you ask your hotel or your guest house to manage. The car will be delivered to you at home, practical!

    The Valley of May

    This is a visit you absolutely must make if you come to Praslin Island. A rainforest, classified as world heritage by UNESCO, class! You will see the famous coco-de-mer and their fruits: coco-buttocks, the symbol of Seychelles. One might think in the time of Jurassic Park.

    It seems that this forest has hardly changed since prehistoric times. It is a unique place in the world. Well, you knew that it was thought that coco-buttocks pushed to the bottom of the ocean because no one knew where they could come from. It is also the largest seed of the plant kingdom (which is worth a fortune if you want to buy one).

    As a bonus, there are pretty birds nestling in the trees, if you have good eyes. We advise you to take the longest way to visit, it is very accessible and not complicated as a walk. You will see, there are 3 of proposed. It’s up to you to see if you need a guide or not.

  5. Seychelle’s Main Islands

    Seychelles islands

    We have concocted a special article featuring the 3 main islands of the Seychelles in a nutshell!


    The most adorable island of Seychelles. The most photographed, the most fantasized too. True confetti of heaven fallen from the sky, this piece of land still relatively undeveloped – cars are counted on the fingers of the hand – full of beaches with poetic names, one more sublime than the others: Grand Anse, Petite Anse, Anse Banane, Anse Cocos … Not to mention the mythical Anse Source d’Argent. Access is via the Union Estate Nature Park. In the air floats the intoxicating fragrance of vanilla, frangipani and allamandas with lemony flowers. After greeting a few pairs of giant tortoises, we pass the majestic palm-roofed colonial house which served as a backdrop for the latest film in the Emmanuelle series. A long ribbon of sand licked by a translucent lagoon stained with corals and lined with colossal pink granite blocks, stranded here like meteorites fallen from the sky, the Silver Source is simply perfection made beach and rightly deserves to be considered one of the most beautiful in the world.


    Praslin, second largest island of Seychelles, and home of Le Domaine de la Reserve. Praslin is also one of the most beautiful and endearing. More developed than La Digue but less agitated than Mahé, it represents an ideal compromise. There are of course unforgettable beaches, such as Anse Volbert or Anse Lazio (where was shot Pirates by Polanski), ideal for snorkeling or diving. But we also come to visit the Vallée de Mai, a splendid forest, the only place in the world where the coconut palm grows, an amazing tree producing gigantic nuts with erotic forms, emblem of Seychelles, beautifully named “cocos-fesses”.


    This is where the first contact with the archipelago is made. There you will hear for the first time the amazing Seychellois language, exotic and jovial mixture of English and French. There, too, you marvel for the first time on the incredible turquoise blue hemmed shapes of the coast and on the finesse and whiteness of the sand, unparalleled. If Mahé cannot claim the charm of Praslin or La Digue, it deserves that we linger there a day or two. The beauty of the landscapes, massive granite and lush vegetation, sometimes reminiscent of the French West Indies is amazing, especially in the north of the island, around Glacis, where the rock plays with the ocean a fascinating symphony of colors and colors.

  6. Hotel Seychelles: What to do in the Seychelles?


    You are wondering what to do during your holidays in the Seychelles? Well, those islands have so much to offer and we are pretty sure you will not be able to make a choice among this plethora of activities proposed on these jewels of the Indian ocean – this is why we have made a shortlist to facilitate this difficult task!

    Rent a boat in the Seychelles

    Getting a boat from one of the boat rental companies in Seychelles is one of the best way to experience a day of diving or a trip around Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. Why not go for a diving course or diving excursions … This is a great way to explore some of the islands around Praslin and Mahe all of which make up the 115 islands of the Seychelles.

    Enjoy a few roulettes at the Casino

    If you would love to try your luck at the casino and earn some money during your Seychelles holidays, try one of the local casinos. Try the Chalets d’Anse Forbans one of the lucky center with 200 slot machines and a bar. You can relax and enjoy the game or watch the others have fun while sipping on an exotic cocktail.

    Love Dancing? Try the DISCO

    If nightlife is something you would like to try in Seychelles, Katiolo is a must go. Katiolo is a unique outdoor nightclub on the island of Mahe which offers parties with a Creole touch and a lively atmosphere. Katiolo is some 10-minute drive from Seychelles International Airport.

    Catch a Fish in Seychellois Water

    Why not try and catch a fish and come back to the Hotel for a BBQ? Whether you want to go fishing or just relax on the high seas, local operators will be happy to help. There are also some great places in Seychellois lagoon for fly fishing. Another easier way to catch a fish is simply to sit on the beach with your cane. You will be able to fish while admiring the landscape and sipping your Seybrew (Beer Seychelloise)

    Enjoy the underwater life

    One of the must do excursions that we highly recommend: a tour aboard a glass bottom boat in the  “St Anne National Marine Park”. You will have the impression of swimming with fish… You can also feed them, so do not forget to bring some bread with you.

    Play Golf in the Seychelles

    If you are a golf enthusiast, the “Seychelles Golf Club”, located in Anse aux Pins, is a nine-hole course built on an old coconut plantation. It is about 15 minutes from Seychelles International Airport. And if you are not into leaving The island of Praslin – no need to worry – there is a nice golf course there too.

    Enjoy your holidays in the Seychelles

  7. Hotel Seychelles: Diving in the Seychelles

    diving in the seychelles

    The Seychelles are an archipelago of more than 110 islands in the western part of the Indian Ocean. These islands enjoy an ideal location and protected natural treasures. The tourist policy of the country has for years restricted the number of visitors annually, thus protecting the destination from too much tourist influx.

    This desire for protection allows the Seychelles to maintain their good-natured atmosphere while preserving their natural beauty. So, it is not uncommon to find yourself alone on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

    Unique landscapes in the world, endemic species of fauna and flora, a plethora of sports activities and discoveries, the Seychelles are the guarantee of an exceptional trip. The only risk is not to want to leave.


    Diving in the Seychelles

    Reef sharks, innumerable turtles, moray eels, colorful fish, shrimps and porcelain, the thousand colors of diving in the Seychelles will dazzle you long after your return.

    Non-divers can indulge in snorkeling since the beauty of the seabed is accessible from the very first meters. Here the Indian Ocean abounds with life and the dives are done in small committee.

    The dive sites are mostly accessible at all levels. The conditions are ideal to enjoy the maximum of your dives in Praslin, without stress, and just enjoying the pleasure of exceptional underwater encounters.


    The highlights of a diving trip to Praslin


    • The diversity of dives accessible at all levels

    • The sublime landscapes of the Seychelles

    • The most beautiful beaches in the world

    • The “big” and the macro mix in exceptional dives


    Diving around these gems of the Indian ocean is a must – you will, nowhere else, see such an affluence of marine life. You will surely not want to leave the water after indulging in either diving or snorkeling.

    Have a good dive in the Seychelles!

  8. Domaine de la Reserve in a Nutshell

    domaine de la reserve

    The magnificent setting of Domaine de La Réserve is located in Anse Petite Cour bay on Praslin Island in Seychelles. The beach is private, covered with fine sand, lined with large rocks and gives a breathtaking view of Curieuse Island located in the National Marine Park.

    With its Villas “feet in the water”, it is the perfect place to relax. The Domaine de La Reserve will fulfill your desires, with its underwater activities. Snorkeling will take you to a splendid coral reef, full of life, a few meters from the beach. The Domaine de La Réserve is composed of 40 rooms in the style of the Creole houses. Its welcoming rooms have two floors, sheltering the warm atmosphere Seychelloise.

    A trip in The Seychelles

    First Praslin, the red island. The Valley of May is a veritable cathedral of palms, the natural sanctuary of the largest seed in the world. Just find yourself a sublime shaded beach, fine sand, a calm sea, sun loungers to keep an eye on the toddlers and enjoy paradise. Then Mahe and his stories of pirates. Do you know the Buse, a legendary pirate, who amassed an enormous booty by seizing the Portuguese ship of the Virgin Cape? The diamonds, precious stones and gold bars on board would have been buried around Victoria … To your shovels! One settles in the wild south on Lazare Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches of Mahé.

    On your agenda – By car, by boat, on foot or by bicycle, we will put you on the trail of the most beautiful places of nature to explore. A day by bike is planned on La Digue, as well as a cruise to the islands Curieuse and St Pierre. In Mahé, you will enjoy a rental car for two days to radiate on the island in freedom. Relaxation, detox massage and aperitif at the setting sun are already registered on the agenda. Not forgetting the pristine, deserted beaches since the dawn of time, and their translucent waters inviting snorkeling or kayaking for adepts.

    Happy Holidays in the Seychelles

  9. How To Travel On Praslin Island?

    car seychelles


    There are taxis on the island of Praslin since the island has a road infrastructure unlike most other islands. It will be easy to find them at the bay of Sainte-Anne and of course in each village.

    Car Rental

    A car can be useful to travel more freely on Praslin. Car rental in the Seychelles is however quite expensive. 40 or 45 EUR / day for a small car. Fuel must be added to your budget (same price as in France). There are only two petrol stations on Praslin: one at Baie Sainte-Anne and the other at Grand’Anse. A French driving license is sufficient, but it is always preferable to have an international license. Be careful, driving is on the left and the steering wheel is on the right. Road conditions are fairly average and there are very few road signs. Difficult all the same to get lost because there are few roads and a small road map is enough. Be careful not to crush the many large land crabs that cross the roads during the day and especially at night.

    Bike renting

    The island of Praslin is not very large and traffic is small; The rental of a bike can therefore prove interesting on this island. To be known all the same: the differences in altitude are important and are not necessarily easy to face in the heat! The rental can be done mainly at Anse Volbert, Baie Sainte-Anne and Grand’Anse.

    Public transport

    A public bus network exists on the island of Praslin which allows to reach most places of the island. These are usually old Tata Indian vehicles. The cost is 0.30 EUR / pers. Whatever the route.


    The boat is a good way to get around the archipelago. For this, you can negotiate a private boat. Nothing could be simpler: just go to the beach of Anse Volbert to (usually) get accosted by someone who will offer you this type of transport. A sailing trip on a catamaran can also be a great way to discover the outskirts of the island.

  10. Accommodation in Seychelles

    accommodation seychelles

    A trip to the Seychelles is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique tropical ambience. Unique in its own way and appreciated for its heavenly charm, the archipelago has many attractions that open their doors to visitors from all corners of the globe. Also, we must admit that the tourists who go there never fail to visit the tourist sites that are the Bicentennial monument and the splendid Eustache Sarde’s House. On the other hand, a trip in this country of the Indian Ocean is also an opportunity to admire dream beaches and turquoise lagoons.

    Domaine de La Reserve: Unique!

    As an integral part of the Seychelles archipelago, the Domaine de la Reserve is a true haven of peace for travelers who wish to live memorable moments. With unparalleled land features, lush vegetation and exceptional wildlife – this corner of the Seychelles remains unique and exceptional. Moreover, located to the north of Praslin, it holds a major asset in terms of accessibility. The area also features luxurious facilities and holidaymakers will surely spend unforgettable moments there.

    Seychelles: The place to be!

    Seychelles promises backpackers a variety of activities to do. On the island of Praslin, there is quite a lot to see and enjoy. From the Vallee de May to its various beaches – You will have a whole lot to discover while staying on the island of Praslin. For their part, those who prefer sea activities – you will have the opportunity to do some good diving or even some big game fishing. In the meantime, the curious never hesitate to do some snorkeling in order to admire a typically rich aquatic biodiversity.

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