Celebrate the New Year in Seychelles


For an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party

Unforgettable Eden

Rather than prepare the evening greetings, those who wish to celebrate in small charming hotels, intimate, refined on enchanting sites, find in the Seychelles their paradise.

Attracted at first by these islands, where sometimes motorized traffic is banned, they notice, on closer inspection, that on this end of the virgin world, lined with beaches, time seems to have stopped at a slow pace of his ox charts and his bicycles!


This destination is then obvious.

After a short stopover, on Mahé, the capital island, we take a tiny plane taxi for a flight of a few minutes to a small piece of land of absolute beauty. but it is especially after the departure of the visitors, in mid-afternoon that the island is the truest.

From one cove to another, one goes from the paradisiacal charm of a languid beach beneath the takamakas to a wild cove whipped by the swell. we could wander like this until the evening if the sandy path decided to stop abruptly facing a mythical beach.

A natural wonder, one of the jewels of Seychelles. A chaos of rounded rocks, 650 million years old, lined with a lush forest, coconut palms inclined on sparkling sand bathed by translucent waters.

What a great place to spend Christmas Eve and exchange greetings in a romantic way and send beautiful greeting cards to friends who stayed home!

Happy Holidays in the Seychelles!

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