Christmas In The Seychelles, The Sites Not To Be Missed

While many swear to celebrate Christmas in the snow and cold, it can be celebrated differently. Indeed, why not spend the Christmas holidays under the sun of the tropical islands? Seychelles is one of the ideal destinations among them. Endowed with an extraordinary natural wealth, this archipelago of the Indian Ocean makes dream more than a traveler. Its beautiful landscapes and beautiful beaches guarantee holiday makers unforgettable moments.

Christmas Party In The Seychelles, Discover The Digue And Its Natural Wonders

La Digue is one of the main islands of the Seychelles archipelago and is endowed with exceptional beauty. Many tourists consider it a real paradise. If you want to stay in the Seychelles during the Christmas holidays in peace and away from the noise of the city, this is the place you should go. Moreover, we cross the island on foot or in oxcarts, since there are no cars.

In addition, its magnificent beaches are famous throughout the world for their beauty, like the Anse Source d’Argent. Indeed, this beach is dotted with granite rocks that offer an unusual decor with white sand bordered by its turquoise blue waters. La Digue is also known for the nature reserve Veuve Nature Reserve located there. Fans and enthusiasts of ornithology will find their happiness, especially seeing the rare bird that is the “black widow” or the flycatcher.

Explore Vallee de Mai on Praslin

The Vallée de Mai Park is a must during a trip to Seychelles both in summer and during the Christmas holidays. It is on Praslin, one of Seychelles’ most visited islands. Apart from its famous beaches, the ecological reserve of the Valley of May is one of the most beautiful in the world and it is part of the world heritage of UNESCO.

Indeed, it is endowed with an almost virgin tropical forest which is the shelter of an exceptional fauna and flora, many of which are endemic. This is particularly the case of coconut palms, having as fruit the famous coco-buttock which is also the largest seed in the world. In addition, the latter is the symbol of Seychelles and where the coconut palms grow only on the island of Praslin.

Visit The Atoll Of Aldabra

Aldabra Atoll, also known as Aldabra Islands, is a Seychellois atoll that you can visit while visiting the Seychelles. It is formed by several islands and is among the largest raised atolls in the world. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has an extremely rare wildlife, the most famous of which is the giant Seychelles tortoise found almost everywhere on the atoll.

In addition, its marine fauna also contains a remarkable richness. Scuba diving or snorkeling enthusiasts will be delighted to visit Aldabra Atoll. Moreover, the lagoon well preserved allows an unforgettable underwater ride for its visitors.

Happy Holidays in the Seychelles!

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