Domaine de la Réserve Hotel Seychelles: Discover Praslin

Some say its heaven while some say it’s the Garden of Eden, one thing for sure is that Praslin is a unique island. This small island of 38km² is covered with lush forestation and is enclosed by coral reefs.

Praslin is the second largest island of the Seychelles archipelago and it has around 6,500 inhabitants. The island has built a serious reputation as a luxurious tourism destination. Many activities and attractions are presented to the visitors who want to have a preview of heaven and enjoy soothing holidays. Here are the best attractions of Praslin:

Vallée de Mai (May Valley Nature Reserve)

May Valley Praslin

With the Indian Ocean tropical climate, the Seychelles archipelago enjoyed from a fauna and flora more than abundant, especially on the island of Praslin. Vallée de Mai gives you an idea of what the island looked like two hundred years ago.

From the biodiversity point of view, this nature reserve is a very important subject for all plant and animal life in the Seychelles like the rare black parrot. Among all the various sorts (species) of plants sheltered in the valley of May, the sea coconut (coco de mer) is by far the most exceptional. They have a life expectancy of an average of 400 years and it is necessary to wait on average 20 years before they can produce their fruit.

The park is located in the heart of Praslin, in the centre of the island, only 9 minutes by car from our hotel. World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1983, this park is the nucleus of Praslin.

Beaches of Praslin

Anse Lazio beach

Anse Lazio beach

The island of Praslin is mostly famous for its pristine beaches and its amazingly warm lagoon. It is very easy to walk and come across a deserted beach on Praslin, in fact, walking is the best way to discover the island. Here are some of the many beaches of Praslin:

Anse Petite Cour

Bounded by a coral reef marine park, this private beach offers fine sand white beach along with warm water. The beach is protected by a beautiful coral barrier making it ideal for bathing and even better for diving and snorkelling.

It is in that fascinating environment that the Domaine de La Réserve is located. At the same time, you can enjoy from world class accommodation and a charming view of what nature has to offer. The hotel provides many facilities to discover the island and its neighbourhood.

Anse Georgette

Located in the northwest of Praslin, this small deserted beach is one of the hidden treasures of the Seychelles archipelago. Anse Georgette is somewhat uncommon, because it can only be reached by walk. If you like hiking and trekking, this beach is definitively worth seeing because it really gives a feeling of paradise lost in the middle of anybody leaves.

Anse Lazio

With its endless spread of white sand and vivid turquoise lagoon, Anse Lazio characterises itself as the best of the island of Praslin. The beach is bordered by large granite boulders and Takamaka trees and is regarded as one of the world’s favourite honeymoon destination.

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