Holidays in Praslin after lockdown

The lockdown which have lasted for months in some countries has certainly disrupted many holidays. The coronavirus has come to play the party troubles but don’t worry, one thing is certain, you will be able to catch up.


Places not to be missed

Praslin is the second island of Seychelles with an area of ​​38 km2. With 6,500 inhabitants divided between Baie Sainte-Anne, Grand Anse and Anse Volbert, many visits are to be made on this island with postcard like beaches!


L’Anse Lazio, paradise beach

L’Anse Lazio is located in the north of Praslin, since it is easily accessible, three car parks have been set up near the beach. Anse Lazio is known for being one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

The impressive granite boulders and the numerous palm trees make a lovely setting. The sea is an incredible turquoise blue, which adds to the beauty of the place. It is the ideal beach for taking beautiful photos!


Curious, the island of turtles

The Curious Island is a must visit during your stay in Praslin. This tiny island of 3 km2 is located a few hundred meters north of Praslin. You will find a small museum, whose building was once the home of the doctor who cared for the group of lepers isolated on Curius.

A walking path will then lead you to discover the giant turtles, moreover they can be approached easily. The forest, the mangrove and the superb beaches complete this superb visit.


The Vallée de Mai, tropical forest

This superb forest has been classified by UNESCO since 1983. There are many endemic palm trees, some of which are threatened with extinction. This is the case of the coconut palm, which produces the famous coconut buttocks, also called cocos de mer.

Within the Vallée de Mai, different species of birds, including the Black Parrot, a very rare species can be observed. Several paths run through this pretty forest that looks like a tropical jungle.

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