Honeymoon In Seychelles

A small group of islands, Seychelles has quickly become an extremely popular holiday destination in the whole world, every year attracting millions of tourists all wanting to experience this heaven on earth. Unsurprisingly, the sheer beauty and magnificence possessed by Seychelles, has resulted in it turning into the best honeymoon destination to have ever graced the earth, and a dream for any newly wed couples. 


The islands are bustling with at least a hundred different activities specially designed for passing the best of times with your other half, and since it is really not practical to visit a hundred different places during your stay, we have compiled for you a list of the most romantic and honeymoon worthy places and things to do in Seychelles. So hold the hands of your loved one and start your married life in the best way possible. 



  • Frolicking on the beach


It is kind of impossible to talk about the Seychelles without mentioning the majestic beaches lying on its coasts. The bright white sandy beaches and the picture perfect azure blue waters is a delight a few rare places on the earth are honoured to possess..  


Bask in the sunlight with your partner by your side, enjoy a pleasant and cooling bath in the clear waters or just stroll hand in hand along the beach as you watch the amazing view of the sun rising or setting before your eyes, the seasides of any of the islands of the archipelago are some of the most romantic places around the globe. 



  • Island Hopping


This is a not very known term but if ever you do know it, you might also be thinking about how expensive it is going to be. But fear not, island hopping, defined as moving from one island to another rather rapidly, is an extremely popular activity offered in Seychelles but which is also extremely budget friendly. 


Regular public ferries offer the transportation between the islands, which in addition to being affordable, is also an extremely big convenience for you, since it only broadens the amount of exploring and activities you can do. For honeymoons, the island of Praslin and La Digue are a must visit and should be missed under any circumstances. 



  • Meeting the locals


Although privacy is an extremely important aspect during a couples honeymoon, meeting new people and making new acquaintances is also a very fun activity, which is even more fun with the company of the one you love. 

The best places to get an intimate look into how life really is in Seychelles is to visit places such as the bustling streets and markets on Mahe Island or the L’Union Estate on La Digue island. The places are sure to be full of smiling locals just waiting to heartily welcome you and dive into deep conversations as you feast together on some of the most delicious local snacks. 



  • Biking


Biking is an extremely popular activity which is available all throughout the islands. You simply need to rent a bike, and well that’s all to it. Pedal along with your significant other on the beautiful scenic roads of Seychelles and explore everything at your own leisurely pace. 


Take a bike along the beach, discover the various caves sprinkled over different locations or stop for a rest and a delicious meal where and when you feel like it. This is the best and most private way for a couple to get out on the discovery of their honeymoon destination



  • Hiking


Although more commonly known for its low lying land and calm serene beaches, Seychelles also does possess some of the most splendid hikes you will ever take. 


Whip on you hiking shoes, get your hands on a couple of water bottles and wear light clothing as you bare through the heat and steep slopes and climb to some of the highest points on the island. Once at the top, catch your breath and rehydrate as you feast your eyes upon the most majestically beautiful panoramic view of your life. The Copolia trail on Mahe Island is a highly recommended one, providing an amazing view of the blue turquoise lagoons and sandy beaches. Vallee de Mai is another extremely popular trail, offering yet another amazing scenery. 



  • Water Sports


Any one’s Honeymoon is incomplete without any water sports. Be it whether you are searching for a relaxing few minutes with your love frolicking in the water as you observe the richly diverse fauna and flora or whether you are searching for an adrenaline rush through your brain with your new spouse by your side, Seychelles satisfies everyone. 


Various beaches on the islands are famous for snorkelling and watching colourful schools of fish dancing around in their habitat, or go deeper into the sea while diving.  



  • Dine on the beach 


How can you call your stay in Seychelles a honeymoon if you never even try to do this? Hold your hands of your loved one as you walk towards your table covered in white with the only source of light the candles shining and the moon in the sky. Your bare feet rest in the smooth sand as you dine on some of the most succulent and luxurious meals ever. This whole scenario is exactly like a romance movie. 


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