Hotel Seychelles: What to eat?

The most important advice I can give you about local Seychelles food, the only one that will elevate you to another level than being a mere tourist and becoming a true traveler immersed in the local culture is to keep away from McDonalds as much as possible. When visiting Seychelles, there will be some excellent local food to try. Head to the local restaurants and go where locals go. For me, food, wine and water are part of the travel experience.

What to eat in Seychelles?

Seychellois cuisine has been greatly influenced by the rich cultures of the islands. Creole cuisine, many seafood, coconut and curry are the most popular. The country’s main product, fish, is cooked in a variety of ways. Especially the red snapper which is very tasty and well known by the visitors. For the cheapest food, all you have to do is collect coconuts on the beach and learn how to open their terrible protection (not the shell, which is easy but a thick blanket of natural fibers, to open it you have to hit the coconut very strongly many times around the edges, sooner or later, the fibers eventually break).

What to drink in Seychelles?

Seychelles has a fantastic nightlife that caters to tourists. The active nightlife is mainly around the big hotels and in addition to theaters, cinemas and discotheques, there are many trendy restaurants. If you like good beer you have to try the local beer Seybrew, it tastes similar to a Bavarian style beer and it is a must to end a peaceful day at the beach. You can simply buy a pack at roadside stores, such as locals rather than hotels. A Takamaka Rum on the beach on a starry night is the best way to end a day in the Seychelles.

Have a great time in the Seychelles!

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