La Digue Seychelles

Some of the best beaches in the world place their pristine sand carpet on the north coast of Praslin. The journey begins most often at Anse Volbert (2.5 km), which is also called the Gold Coast. It appears on the cover of every magazine and draws crowds from around the world. Small village with colorful Creole cases, Anse Volbert took the prerogative of resorts with its cult beach and essential places including coffee Arts or Del Luca glacier. Pure waters of the thousand shades of green and blue, welcoming islands (St. Peter and Bat) for snorkeling and scuba diving in the vicinity of Curieuse island… To roam in peace along the coast, better use the sea kayak instead of the noisy speedboats.

Discover the hidden treasures at your own pace

At your own pace, ride along the coast by boat or take the coastal road to the west. Small Anse Possession (you cannot swim because of currents) awaits you. This beach is only accessible by foot or boat. No doubt the setting there is magical: crystal clear waters populated with multicolored fish, blocks of silver rocks, flaming plant border. To avoid the crowds, it is best to leave before 11 am and arrive after 15 pm in the afternoon.

The other side of La Digue

On the other side of La Digue, another atmosphere awaits you. The local population mostly resides on the East Coast, in Sainte-Anne bay. Shuttles to La Digue and Mahe dock in this town that brings together services and administrations of the island. For a bath without fuss, join the locals on the beach of the southern coast. There you will spend a splendid time and fully enjoy the lagoon surrounding this magnificent piece of land that is La Digue.

Happy holidays on this islands of the Seychelles!

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