1. Top 10 Places to See in Seychelles

    Sooner or later everyone gets tired of all the mundane stuff of life and are just fed up. This is when the amazing luscious idea of a vacation pops in one’s head, and accompanied within this idea is the image of bright white and fine sand lying across the azure color of a lagoon, all found under the heaven of a brightly illuminated blue sky. This heaven in your imagination actually manifests itself physically in the form of Seychelles, arguably the most beautiful set of islands which ever came into existence. 

    Seychelles, an extremely popular tourist destination is sprinkled with a plethora of breathtakingly magnificent areas which are sure to astound you with their sheer beauty. However, we have narrowed down a list to help you plan your holidays and experience the best which this otherworldly archipelago has to offer its visitors. 


    1. Fregate Island


    Owing its name to the native birds which inhabit the area, this densely forested island has the beach of Anse Victorin, which has been voted as the world’s most beautiful beach. Perfect for a multitude of fun, exciting and relaxing water sports activities, this small piece of land is sure to bring immense joy in your holidays. 


    That is not all that Fregate Island has to offer. Being a private island, visitors also have WIFI at their disposal and are assured their privacy. This island is a must see for those simply wanting to relax and observe the beauty of nature. 


    2. Anse Lazio


    Found on the pristine Praslin Island, this white sandy beach is not like any other. Anse Lazio is constantly being bombarded by accolades attesting to its extreme and serene beauty.

    The calm turquoise waters, the little waves slapping against the brown rocks, fair smooth sand and the large number of Takamaka trees, all contribute in the astounding piece of paradise found on earth.

    Perfect for calm water sports like snorkelling, or just for seeping the view, Anse Lazio should certainly be on the list of places to visit during a vacation in the Seychelles. 



    3. Anse Source d’Argent


    Carefully crafted by nature for those who are especially picky about their privacy, Anse Source d’Argent  is a rather unique beach found on the famous La Digue island of Seychelles. Consisting of huge boulders which separate the whole beach into different segments, Anse Source d’Argent is perfect for those wanting to enjoy the sandy beaches and blue waters alone or with selected company only. 

    Anse Source d’Argent is the place to be for those wanting to simply relax and frolic about the

    waters of a calm lagoon in a serene and quiet atmosphere, so be sure not to miss this place 

    during your vacation. 



    4. Anse Georgette


    Similar to Anse Lazio, Anse Georgette is one of the beautiful beaches which grace the Praslin island. Blessed with smoothly grained sands and extremely clear turquoise waters undisturbed by the presence of rocks or corals, Anse Georgette holds a special place on the list of beaches owing to its relative lack of visitors. Situated on the grounds of a private resort, special permission needs to be acquired in order to access the beach. 


    The peace and tranquillity one experiences as he relaxes on the sand are not the only activities that Anse Georgette offers. Relaxing sport activities such as snorkelling are also available to allow you to observe all the beautiful creatures which inhabit these blue waters. 



    5. Valée de Mai National Park


    This national park is actually an extremely old forest which is protected under UNESCO because it houses a multitude of plants and animals, endemic to Seychelles. Take a stroll along the marked paths of the national park and feast your eyes on the abundance of fauna and flora such as the Seychelles bulbul, vanilla orchids, huge coco de mer fruit palms and the national bird of Seychelles, the black parrot.



    6. Morne Seychellois National Park


    This national park covering approximately a fifth of the total land area of the island Mahe is named for 905m tall mountain, Morne Seychellois, which erects as the highest peak on the lands of the park. 


    Tourists can take up the challenge of mounting the peak and encounter a variety of wildlife of Seychelle during their hike. 



    7. Seychelles National History Museum


    For all the history lovers out there, the Seychelles National History Museum, located on Mahe Island, offers a deep look into the history of the archipelago, exhibiting items which range from the fauna and flora to the geology. 

    The museum additionally spreads awareness about all the environmental problems occurring and on how these may play a massive role in the downfall and damage of the island. 

    This is one of the most important attractions for those wanting a candid look into the life and origin of Seychelles. 



    8. Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market


    Located in Victoria on Mahe island, this market place is bustling with locals selling out a range of products ranging from fruits and vegetables to clothes and souvenirs. The vibrant colours, the sound of bargain, the sight of the plethora of spices and fish on sale, makes for Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market a rather unique experience and a peep into the real life of the locals. 


    Established in 1840, the market place is found on the lists of to visit of nearly every tourist at Seychelles and there should be no reason for you forego such an amazing experience. 



    9. Cathedral Of Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception


    Erected in the year 1851 by Father Leon of Avanchers, this looming majestic cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, is home to magnificent carvings and tapestries. The cathedral also houses the tomb of the first Seychellois Bishop, Felix Paul. 

    An extremely popular stop on the schedules of many tourists, this beautiful cathedral is one of the most beautiful man-made attractions in Seychelles.



    10. Mission Lodge Lookout


    Arguably the most beautiful and beloved view point in the Archipelago, Mission Lodge Lookout provides you with the most eye watering beautiful view. Many people take up the challenge of hiking up to the view point and are welcomed not only by a feast for their eyes but also by the numerous encounters of majestic colourful birds and beautiful vegetation. 


    Now that you are geared with all the information you need to make your holidays to Seychelles the most amazing and worthwhile experience in your life, contact Domaine de la Reserve to help make your stay and visit in Seychelles a most calm and simple one.

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  2. Honeymoon In Seychelles

    A small group of islands, Seychelles has quickly become an extremely popular holiday destination in the whole world, every year attracting millions of tourists all wanting to experience this heaven on earth. Unsurprisingly, the sheer beauty and magnificence possessed by Seychelles, has resulted in it turning into the best honeymoon destination to have ever graced the earth, and a dream for any newly wed couples. 


    The islands are bustling with at least a hundred different activities specially designed for passing the best of times with your other half, and since it is really not practical to visit a hundred different places during your stay, we have compiled for you a list of the most romantic and honeymoon worthy places and things to do in Seychelles. So hold the hands of your loved one and start your married life in the best way possible. 



    • Frolicking on the beach


    It is kind of impossible to talk about the Seychelles without mentioning the majestic beaches lying on its coasts. The bright white sandy beaches and the picture perfect azure blue waters is a delight a few rare places on the earth are honoured to possess..  


    Bask in the sunlight with your partner by your side, enjoy a pleasant and cooling bath in the clear waters or just stroll hand in hand along the beach as you watch the amazing view of the sun rising or setting before your eyes, the seasides of any of the islands of the archipelago are some of the most romantic places around the globe. 



    • Island Hopping


    This is a not very known term but if ever you do know it, you might also be thinking about how expensive it is going to be. But fear not, island hopping, defined as moving from one island to another rather rapidly, is an extremely popular activity offered in Seychelles but which is also extremely budget friendly. 


    Regular public ferries offer the transportation between the islands, which in addition to being affordable, is also an extremely big convenience for you, since it only broadens the amount of exploring and activities you can do. For honeymoons, the island of Praslin and La Digue are a must visit and should be missed under any circumstances. 



    • Meeting the locals


    Although privacy is an extremely important aspect during a couples honeymoon, meeting new people and making new acquaintances is also a very fun activity, which is even more fun with the company of the one you love. 

    The best places to get an intimate look into how life really is in Seychelles is to visit places such as the bustling streets and markets on Mahe Island or the L’Union Estate on La Digue island. The places are sure to be full of smiling locals just waiting to heartily welcome you and dive into deep conversations as you feast together on some of the most delicious local snacks. 



    • Biking


    Biking is an extremely popular activity which is available all throughout the islands. You simply need to rent a bike, and well that’s all to it. Pedal along with your significant other on the beautiful scenic roads of Seychelles and explore everything at your own leisurely pace. 


    Take a bike along the beach, discover the various caves sprinkled over different locations or stop for a rest and a delicious meal where and when you feel like it. This is the best and most private way for a couple to get out on the discovery of their honeymoon destination



    • Hiking


    Although more commonly known for its low lying land and calm serene beaches, Seychelles also does possess some of the most splendid hikes you will ever take. 


    Whip on you hiking shoes, get your hands on a couple of water bottles and wear light clothing as you bare through the heat and steep slopes and climb to some of the highest points on the island. Once at the top, catch your breath and rehydrate as you feast your eyes upon the most majestically beautiful panoramic view of your life. The Copolia trail on Mahe Island is a highly recommended one, providing an amazing view of the blue turquoise lagoons and sandy beaches. Vallee de Mai is another extremely popular trail, offering yet another amazing scenery. 



    • Water Sports


    Any one’s Honeymoon is incomplete without any water sports. Be it whether you are searching for a relaxing few minutes with your love frolicking in the water as you observe the richly diverse fauna and flora or whether you are searching for an adrenaline rush through your brain with your new spouse by your side, Seychelles satisfies everyone. 


    Various beaches on the islands are famous for snorkelling and watching colourful schools of fish dancing around in their habitat, or go deeper into the sea while diving.  



    • Dine on the beach 


    How can you call your stay in Seychelles a honeymoon if you never even try to do this? Hold your hands of your loved one as you walk towards your table covered in white with the only source of light the candles shining and the moon in the sky. Your bare feet rest in the smooth sand as you dine on some of the most succulent and luxurious meals ever. This whole scenario is exactly like a romance movie. 


    Now that you possess all the essential information required for making your honeymoon in Mauritius the best and most interesting one anyone has ever seen or heard of, contact Le Domaine de La Réserve, your romantic hotel in Seychelles. Le Domaine de La Reserve is a beautiful hotel located at the Anse Petite Cour on the island of Praslin and is just 20 minutes from the airport. Internationally recognised for the amazing service and rooms, Le Domaine de La Reserve never fails to satisfy anyone and is the perfect place for your honeymoon. 


    Contact Le Domaine de La Reserve now on resa@lareserve.sc


  3. Top 10 des endroits à voir aux Seychelles

    Tôt ou tard, tout le monde se lasse de toutes les choses banales de la vie et en a juste marre. C’est à ce moment-là que l’idée étonnante et succulente de vacances surgit dans la tête, et accompagnée de cette idée est l’image de sable blanc et fin brillant posé sur la couleur azur d’un lagon, le tout trouvé sous le ciel d’un ciel bleu brillamment éclairé. Ce paradis dans votre imagination se manifeste en fait physiquement sous la forme des Seychelles, sans doute le plus bel ensemble d’îles qui ait jamais vu le jour.

    Les Seychelles, une destination touristique extrêmement populaire, sont parsemées d’une multitude de zones à couper le souffle qui vous surprendront par leur beauté. Cependant, nous avons réduit une liste pour vous aider à planifier vos vacances et découvrir le meilleur que cet archipel d’un autre monde a à offrir à ses visiteurs.



    1.Fregate island


    En raison de son nom aux oiseaux indigènes qui habitent la région, cette île densément boisée possède la plage d’Anse Victorin, qui a été votée comme la plus belle plage du monde. Parfait pour une multitude d’activités nautiques ludiques, passionnantes et relaxantes, ce petit bout de terrain apportera à coup sûr une immense joie à vos vacances. 

    Ce n’est pas tout ce que Fregate Island a à offrir. Étant une île privée, les visiteurs ont également le WIFI à leur disposition et sont assurés de leur intimité. Cette île est un incontournable pour ceux qui veulent simplement se détendre et observer la beauté de la nature.


    2.Anse Lazio


    Située sur l’île vierge de Praslin, cette plage de sable blanc ne ressemble à aucune autre. Anse Lazio est constamment bombardée de distinctions attestant de sa beauté extrême et sereine.

    Les eaux turquoises calmes, les petites vagues qui claquent contre les rochers bruns, le sable lisse et lisse et le grand nombre d’arbres Takamaka, contribuent tous au morceau de paradis étonnant trouvé sur terre.

    Parfait pour les sports nautiques calmes comme la plongée avec tuba, ou tout simplement pour profiter de la vue, Anse Lazio devrait certainement être sur la liste des endroits à visiter pendant des vacances aux Seychelles


    3.Anse Source d’Argent


    Soigneusement conçue par la nature pour ceux qui sont particulièrement exigeants quant à leur intimité, Anse Source d’Argent est une plage plutôt unique trouvée sur la célèbre île de La Digue des Seychelles. Constituée d’énormes rochers qui séparent toute la plage en différents segments, Anse Source d’Argent est parfait pour ceux qui souhaitent profiter des plages de sable et des eaux bleues seul ou avec une société sélectionnée uniquement.

    Anse Source d’Argent est l’endroit idéal pour ceux qui souhaitent simplement se détendre et s’ébattre les eaux d’un lagon calme dans une atmosphère sereine et calme, alors ne manquez pas cet endroit pendant vos vacances.


    4.Anse Georgette


    Semblable à Anse Lazio, Anse Georgette est l’une des belles plages qui ornent l’île de Praslin. Bénie de sables à grains lisses et d’eaux turquoises extrêmement claires non perturbées par la présence de rochers ou de coraux, Anse Georgette tient une place spéciale sur la liste des plages en raison de son manque relatif de visiteurs. Situé sur le terrain d’un complexe privé, une autorisation spéciale doit être acquise pour accéder à la plage.

    La paix et la tranquillité que l’on ressent en se détendant sur le sable ne sont pas les seules activités qu’Anse Georgette propose. Des activités sportives relaxantes telles que la plongée avec tuba sont également disponibles pour vous permettre d’observer toutes les belles créatures qui habitent ces eaux bleues.


    5.Vallee de Mai National Park


    Ce parc national est en fait une forêt extrêmement ancienne qui est protégée par l’UNESCO car il abrite une multitude de plantes et d’animaux endémiques des Seychelles. Promenez-vous le long des sentiers balisés du parc national et régalez-vous de l’abondance de la faune et de la flore telles que le bulbul des Seychelles, les orchidées vanillées, les immenses palmiers fruitiers coco de mer et l’oiseau national des Seychelles, le perroquet noir.


    6.Morne Seychellois National Park


    Ce parc national couvrant environ un cinquième de la superficie totale de l’île de Mahé tient son nom de la montagne de 905 m de haut, Morne Seychellois, qui érige comme le plus haut sommet des terres du parc.

    Les touristes peuvent relever le défi de monter le sommet et rencontrer une variété de la faune des Seychelles pendant leur randonnée.



    7.Seychelles National History Museum


    Pour tous les amoureux de l’histoire, le Musée national d’histoire des Seychelles, situé sur l’île de Mahé, offre un regard en profondeur sur l’histoire de l’archipel, exposant des articles qui vont de la faune et la flore à la géologie.

    Le musée sensibilise en outre à tous les problèmes environnementaux qui se produisent et à la façon dont ceux-ci peuvent jouer un rôle massif dans la chute et les dommages de l’île.

    C’est l’une des attractions les plus importantes pour ceux qui veulent un regard sincère sur la vie et l’origine des Seychelles.


    8.Sir Sewlyn Sewlyn-Clarke Market


    Situé à Victoria sur l’île de Mahé, ce marché regorge de locaux qui vendent une gamme de produits allant des fruits et légumes aux vêtements et souvenirs. Les couleurs vibrantes, le son des bonnes affaires, la vue de la pléthore d’épices et de poissons en vente, font de Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market une expérience plutôt unique et un aperçu de la vie réelle des habitants.

    Fondée en 1840, la place du marché se trouve sur les listes de visites de presque tous les touristes aux Seychelles et il ne devrait y avoir aucune raison pour vous de renoncer à une expérience aussi incroyable.


    9. Cathedral of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception


    Erected in the year 1851 by Father Leon of Avanchers, this looming majestic cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, is home to magnificent carvings and tapestries. The cathedral also houses the tomb of the first Seychellois Bishop, Felix Paul.

    An extremely popular stop on the schedules of many tourists, this beautiful cathedral is one of the most beautiful man-made attractions in Seychelles.



    10.Mission Lodge Lookout


    Sans doute le point de vue le plus beau et le plus aimé de l’archipel, Mission Lodge Lookout vous offre la plus belle vue qui vous arrose les yeux. Beaucoup de gens relèvent le défi de la randonnée jusqu’au point de vue et sont accueillis non seulement par un régal pour leurs yeux mais aussi par les nombreuses rencontres d’oiseaux colorés majestueux et d’une belle végétation.


    Maintenant que vous disposez de toutes les informations dont vous avez besoin pour faire de vos vacances aux Seychelles l’expérience la plus incroyable et la plus intéressante de votre vie, contactez le Domaine de la Réserve pour aider à rendre votre séjour et votre visite aux Seychelles des plus calmes et simples.

    Contactez Domaine de La Réserve au:

    Email: https://domainedelareserve.sc/

    Telephone:248 4298 000


  4. Dream Vacations in the Seychelles

    Presentation of the three main islands of Seychelles: sport, beach, cultural discoveries or simple walks, your holidays will be unforgettable.

    And there you are, you know you’re going to Seychelles! Since that moment, you already dream of white sandy beaches and sumptuous landscapes … Then you remember that the Seychelles, it is mainly an archipelago: then which islands to choose and why?

    Three main islands are available to you: Mahé, the main island, Praslin and La Digue. At first, define your greatest desires for this trip: the sport? The relaxation at the edge of the water? The discovery of another culture?

    Praslin, perfect compromise between nap in the sun and sport

    Accessible by an internal flight, the island of Praslin is a little smaller than that of Mahé. It is here that you will find much more beautiful beaches. The island is visited by car. You will discover:

    • Its magnificent palm-tree nature reserve, the May Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983
    • An impressive panorama from some of the island’s highlights
    • But especially a place a little hidden, because inside a hotel (but nevertheless accessible to tourists): Anse Georgette … A turquoise water, a white sand beach and hundreds of fish that come to meet you: you are close to the ideal beach …
    • Also on Praslin, renting the services of a taxi-boat, the island of Saint-Pierre for snorkelling enthusiasts, and that of Curieuse for its nature reserve, where turtles are raised in freedom and where a nice walk among the mangroves is proposed.

    We strongly recommend Le Duc de Praslin for your holidays in Seychelles

    Mahé: cultural discoveries and sun

    Mahé is the main island of Seychelles, it is in direct connection with Paris. This is a definite advantage after long hours on the plane! Mahé is also the perfect island to meet the Seychellois. The best way to discover the island is probably to rent a car, but be careful: driving is on the left, which may require a little time to adapt. You will be able :

    • Discover the capital of Seychelles, Victoria, mingle with the locals and soak up a different culture
    • The night markets near the beach are also to be discovered. Charged with magic and scents, they will make you dream …
    • You will finally find beautiful beaches on your way, but let’s be honest, it is not in Mahé that the most beautiful are.

    La Digue: unforgettable beaches, wild nature and cycling in the program

    La Digue is probably the island of Seychelles that will enchant you the most. It is an island accessible only by boat, but really splendid. The traffic is done only by bicycle, which makes the air even more pure. You will be able:

    • Rent the services of a guide who will lead you (after a course worthy of true adventurers!) At the Cove Marron … The heart of the beauty of the Seychelles, absolutely beautiful! A magical beach, where you will be alone in the world. Still unknown, its access discourages many tourists and keeps this enchanting place its wild and majestic side
    • See Argent Cove, a beautiful botanical garden where turtles are bred
    • Above all, take long bike rides in a setting of rare beauty.

    The rest is to discover, there is nothing more wonderful than to see for yourself the beauty of the Seychelles … So it’s up to you to play!

  5. Hotel Praslin – Top 5 Seychelles Attractions

    The Seychelles archipelago is one of the most exotic and beautiful destinations on earth. You will regularly see its beautiful white beaches with palm trees and granitic rock in the background in the top spots of world beaches awards. The archipelago also offers many opportunities for excursions in the primeval forests of the islands and hosts many rare animal and plant species.


    The Seychelles archipelago is located not far from the East African coast in the Indian Ocean. The capital Victoria is one of the smallest capitals on this planet. Most people here speak of the Seychellois Creole, but official languages ​​are English and French.


    If you are looking to discover the best places to see and top things to do in Seychelles, look no further Le Domaine de la Réserve, your hotel in Praslin brings you the very best of the archipelago. Here we go:



    • Anse Source d’Argent beach on La Digue



    Anse Source d’Argent on the island of La Digue is one of the most popular and most visited beaches in Seychelles. The reason for this should become immediately obvious to every visitor: the white sand beach meets the turquoise blue shallow water un a beautiful background painted by huge granite rocks. This beach has often been used in the past for filming and advertising.


    Perhaps it is the most famous beach in the world. Anse Source d’Argent is protected by a coral reef. The water here is mostly calm and therefore very suitable for family holidays. The beach is also perfect for snorkeling. It is easily accessible by boat or domestic flights from Praslin.


    • Victoria – The capital city on Mahé



    Victoria is administrative and centre for everyone in Seychelles. After arriving at the international airport of Mahé, the city is often the first destination for many travelers who stop for a quick shopping tour. Victoria is called the world’s smallest capital – after all, only 26,000 inhabitants live in Victoria – there are still some attractions to be discovered here. 


    One of the first places to go is the Victoria market, which is only open until 12.00. This place is not just well-stocked with essentials for daily needs, including freshly caught fish, fruits, vegetables, and spice – it’s also an authentic place to watch the hustle and bustle of the capital. On the second floor, you will be happy to find souvenirs such as jewelry, textiles, towels and much more.


    In addition to the many small shops, Victoria also has the Hindu temple Arul Mihu Mihu Navasakthi, Victoria Cathedral and the Clock Tower. It is also worth trying the Creole cuisine in one of the many restaurants, especially for fish lovers. Local cuisine is a mix of Asian, Indian, South African and European dishes. A special feature is, for example, the curried octopus.


    • May Valley – At the heart of Praslin


    May Valley or locally known as Vallée de Mai is Seychelles’ most beautiful national park nestled at the very heart of the island of Praslin. La Vallée de Mai was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. It is a valley of nearly 20 hectares and funny enough is the world’s smallest natural heritage. At the same time, the forest has the largest collection of the Sea Coconut, an endemic species in Seychelles. The peculiarity of the forest is that it already existed when the Seychelles still belonged to the primordial continent of Gondwana.


    Thus, when the archipelago was connected with Africa, South America, Australia, India, Madagascar and New Guinea millions of years ago. Well-kept paths lead through the jungle and allow you to explore exotic fauna and flora. La Vallée is home to the black Seychelles parrot, the Praslin snail, the Seychelles tree frog, and the Green Day gecko.


    • Anse Lazio beach on Praslin



    Ask any inhabitant of Praslin for the most beautiful beach on their island and most of them will tell you Anse Lazio even though the beach of Côte d’Or is a more popular beach for locals. Why? Because the beach of Anse Lazio has something special to it. Maybe it is the granitic rocks touching the azure ocean or maybe it is due to its remote location.


     The white sand is as fine as icing sugar, the palm scenery picturesque, the water clear, even the many colorful fish are in a good mood. Even during the day, Anse Lazio is anything but crowded. You’ll have hundreds of meters of white sand to lay your towel and sunbathe. There are no rows of beach chairs, no umbrellas, no hotels. Not even one of the public bus lines goes to the bay. The 30-minute walk in the blazing sun from the nearest stop attracts only a few tourists. Most come with rental cars, taxis or just by the shore with catamarans.


    • Fond Ferdinand National Park on Praslin



    The Fond Ferdinand Park is the somewhat younger nature park on Praslin. If you don’t have the opportunity to visit the May Valley National Park, you can get a good feel of the tropical richness of the island here. In the park, various paths lead past the legendary Sea coconut palm tree, which grows only in a few places in Seychelles. The plant is famed for its curious shape and it has the particularity of producing the largest seeds in the world. 


    Also, some interesting animal species can be observed here. The path ends on a hill with great views of other islands such as La Digue or The Sister Islands. A visit to the park is only possible with a guide. The tour is included in the price and takes place twice in the morning (until 12 o’clock). The prices were raised a bit. Admission costs 10 euros or 125 SCR per person, but still well worth the price.


    We have reached the end of this article and we hope that you will find our top 5 places to visit in Seychelles helpful. As always, Le Domaine de la Réserve Hotel Praslin invites you to explore and discover what Seychelles has to offer. Feel free to contact us for any arrangements or booking:


    Location: Anse Petite Cour, Praslin, Seychelles


    Email: resa@lareserve.sc


    Phone: 248 4298 000

  6. Praslin hotel – Seychelles travel tips

    Seychelles is the epitome of paradise: white sandy beaches, palm trees and incredibly clear turquoise waters. Since you already chose your destination, we will not try to convince you to come to the Seychelles, you already are. Instead, we will provide you with some insights and important tips to plan the perfect holidays in the Seychelles.


    You are right to think about the Seychelles archipelago as some paradisiacal islands in the middle of nowhere, with coasts of white sand and crystal clear water, full of marine life, shade of palm trees, and with unique landscapes in the world. Yes, the Seychelles are famous for their giant granite rocks, which can only be seen here. In addition, the islands are also famous for being the place of origin of the giant Aldabra Turtles.


    The total area is only 455km², and has just over 90 thousand inhabitants. The inhabitants are all descendants of immigrants, since there was no local or native population, so most of the current inhabitants are descendants of French, Africans in general, Indians and even Chinese.


    The main or best known islands are Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, although other less famous are Silhouette, Curieuse, Felicité, St. Anne, North, Cerf (all granite), and the famous Aldabra Atoll composed of 46 islands and protected by host the famous and impressive turtles of Aldabra.


    This article should help to get a general overview. For example, topics such as entry and exit, visa, travel time, time difference, food, weather, beaches, transport network, ferries, accommodation, travel planning and much more. Ready? Let’s go:

    Document requirements

    To enter the Seychelles, you need a valid passport that is valid for at least the time of your stay, as well as the following documents: return or onward flight ticket, accommodation (including contact details) and sufficient funds for your stay (approx $ 150 per day). A visa is not needed.


    A residence permit will automatically be granted to you upon arrival if you fulfill the above conditions. This can be extended in steps of three months to a maximum of one year. The cost per extension amounts to about 350 euros. The renewal fee is also due if you only want to extend a few days. Checks on sufficient funds are occasional at entry. Funds can be carried in cash or in the form of credit cards.

    The best travel time for the Seychelles

    The Seychelles can be visited at any time of the year, really! Due to the high humidity it is guaranteed to be hotter. The weather in the Seychelles is determined either by the southeast monsoon (June to September) or the northwest monsoon (December to March). It is also good to know that there is no cyclone in the Seychelles.


    The climate in Seychelles is tropical; the temperature never exceeds 32 degrees or falls below 24 degrees. Seychelles is characterized by the currents that sometimes lagoons dangerous (the most affected beaches have a sign warning the danger). But there are times of the year where the sea is calmer and you can enjoy more, such as the months of April / May and October / November where there is less wind and the water has temperatures of 29 degrees.


    During the southeast monsoon, the weather is a bit drier, but you should expect occasional showers. Especially on Mahé, with its wooded mountains, often hang clouds, so it can rain again and again. It does not necessarily meet bright sunshine and blue skies. The weather is very changeable and the island is often surrounded by clouds.


    Depending on the season, either the southeastern or northwestern beaches are affected by stronger waves and currents. On some beaches there is a bathing prohibition, which must be followed.



    The currency is the Seychelles Rupee (SCR). On-site you can either pay cash and in many facilities such as restaurants and hotels with your credit card. On the three main islands Mahé, Praslin and La Digue there are numerous banks and ATMs where you can change money. Euros can be exchanged in all banks or money changers. For the exchange of money, a passport will be required, bring it. Generally, we recommend paying with the local currency. Many use their own exchange rate and this will usually be non-advantageous for you.

    Cost of living

    The prices for food are about what you would pay in Europe or are slightly above. Restaurant visits are always more expensive than eating at your hotel. For a “normal” restaurant you pay for the main course and drink, you should count between 30 € to 40 €  person. On Praslin and La Digue there are some takeaway food stalls where you get for about 5 € / person a delicious and copious lunch.

    Planning trips and excursions

    When planning your trip to Seychelles, there are several options. Either you can organize everything on your own or get the help of a specialized tour operator. Even a mixture of these two variants is possible, so many book the accommodation through an organizer and the flights themselves. In general, the decision also depends on how much you want to deal with in advance with travel planning.

  7. Praslin Hotel Seychelles – Best time to travel

    White beaches with granite rocks, palm trees and turquoise sea – these are the images that one has inevitably at the thought of the Seychelles. For being one of the most beautiful hotel on Praslin Seychelles, we agree, but the islands of the Seychellois archipelago have much more to offer than this postcard idyll.


    High mountains with impressive hiking trails in an UNESCO World Heritage Site is one example of undiscovered beauty of the Seychelles. The world’s oldest giant turtle and a prehistoric jungle with unique plants and animals. You probably get our point here, you can visit the Seychelles at any time of the year, there will always be something interesting to do.


    Whilst beaches are king in the Seychelles, we feel there is a misconception about what the country is as a tourist destination. The Seychelles is not a 100% beach destination, although it has some of the world’s top ranked beaches. The islands aren’t flat either. There are some impressive mountain peaks like Le Morne Seychellois, the highest point of the archipelago with its 906 m altitude offering the most beautiful view on the Indian Ocean.


    When to visit the Seychelles?

    As soon as you can! Seriously, the Seychelles is an all-year-round holiday destination that welcomes tourists from all over the world. Due to the proximity of the equator, the climate is always tropical-mild, the temperatures are almost constant during the day at around 30 degrees, at night they rarely drop below 25 degrees.


    Between December and February ia the time when the island nation receives most of its rain. Ah and we forgot to mention, there are no cyclones in the Seychelles thanks to its privileged location in the north west of the Indian Ocean.


    The months of November to March are good for diving and snorkeling, because the wind blows only slightly and the visibility under water is particularly good. If you want to sail, surf and / or hike, you should travel to the Seychelles between May and October, because then there is a pleasant wind and it is drier overall.


    If you want to enjoy beaches, lush vegetation and the numerous activities, you can visit the archipelago whenever you want. You can swim, sail, dive, fish all year round. If you are coming during Seychellois summer which is between june and august, you can get some really good airfare and hotel prices.


    We welcome guests throughout the year

    Here at Le Domaine de la Reserve Hotel Praslin, we welcome guests at any time of the year. We are located in a natural environment; a private resort facing a national marine park and our guests are some of the most pampered of the island. We invite you to take a look at our website and our variety of rooms.



  8. Praslin Hotel Seychelles – What to see on the island

    Many of the most beautiful places in the Seychelles are located on Praslin, which you should definitely not neglect for your next Seychelles trip. Not only do some of the most beautiful beaches in the world await you there, but there is a pristine island atmosphere on Praslin.

    Mahé may have the most beaches and the most beautiful hotel in the Seychelles, but Praslin has something unique to offer, that is; ultimate privacy. What you get on Praslin, is private, uncrowded and pristine beaches just for you. That’s why the island is said to be perfect for honeymooners and couple holidays.

    The second largest island in the Seychelles also holds another record: on Praslin the endemic Sea Coconut (Coco de Mer), the heaviest nut of the world, is still growing wild and being preserved. In this article, you will discover some of the most beautiful places to see and things to do in Praslin. We hope you have the most amazing holiday time ever here and if you need any help or accommodation on Praslin, Le Domaine de la Reserve is here for these.

    Praslin is for us one of the most interesting islands in the Seychelles and offers everything you need for a varied holiday. Most travellers will not forget Praslin, especially because of the breath-taking beaches, but there’s a lot more, to see.

    The most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles

    Anse Lazio

    One of the most popular and beautiful beaches is Anse Lazio in the northwest of Praslin. If you walk from the car park to the remote beach, there you will find plenty of sea creatures and a wonderful opportunity for snorkelling.

    The western part of the beach is somewhat a secret place in Anse Lazio. At first glance from a distance, it is not immediately apparent, but if you go there through palm trees and granitic rocks, a beautiful view opens up on a small secluded paradise. It is just what you think of when you imagine a deserted beach somewhere on an abandoned island. To know more, just stroll to the end of the beach and pick your favourite spot.

    Anse Georgette

    Just like Anse Lazio, Anse Georgette is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beach is located behind the course of a hotel and the management only allows access to a limited extent, so that there are not too many tourists at once on the beach. But there’s another option if you are feeling a little adventurous.

    A hiking trail leads to Anse Georgette, for which you should plan for about 2-3 hours. The starting point may be Anse Lazio or the terminus of bus line 61 (Mont Plaisir). The hiking trail leads you completely over open terrain, so you do not need permission from the hotel.


    Anse Volbert

    Another popular beach is Anse Volbert, because there are many accommodations here. Also, this beach is very spacious and offers a magnificent view of the offshore islands. But this might not be the best option for you if you like intimacy.

    After a day on the beach enjoying the full load of activities, you can also stroll through the souvenir shops at Anse Volbert. There are also small supermarkets and numerous restaurants.

    As beautiful as the beach is, at Anse Volbert you should pay more attention to your valuables. It is one beach where minor crime is more frequent that other beaches on the island. We also advise you book boat tours with your accommodation or registered tour operators only.

    Anse Petite Cour

    If we could only choose only one beach on Praslin, it has to be the small private beach of Anse Petite Cour. It is not just because our hotel is located right on this private beach but also because it is simply one of the most luxurious beaches in the Seychelles archipelago.

    If you are looking for an animated beach with lot of people, this is not the beach for you. Anse Petite Cour is a natural treasure reserved for the guests of Le Domaine de la Reserve hotel which has been built in harmony with its surroundings. The beach is perfect for honeymooners, couples, family or holidays with friends.

    This beach face one of the rare national marine parks of the Seychelles. And, snorkelling in such a preserved environment is just a couple of metres away. Learn more about this beach following the link below, we’ve got some stunning hotel-front pictures:



    The best sights on Praslin

    In addition to the many beautiful beaches Praslin there are other attractions, which are worth a trip.

    Valle de Mai

    One of the most well-known attractions is the Vallee de Mai, a world-famous nature reserve where the Sea Coconut and five other endemic palm trees grow.

    The seed of the Coco de Mer can grow up to 30 kilograms, simply the heaviest plant seeds of the world. The nut has a very curious shape and fascinates many visitors. Vallee de Mai is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Free guided tours are available daily 9am and 2pm.

    If necessary, you can book a guide for you personally. This is definitely useful to learn more about the unique flora and fauna of Seychelles.

    Entrance fee: 350 Seychelles rupees
    Opening hours: 8:00 – 17:30


    Fond Ferdinand

    Another way to marvel at the rich biodiversity of the island of Praslin is in the Fond Ferdinand Reserve. Also, in this park you can see the endemic palms and learn a lot about the natural habitats on Praslin. In contrast to May Valley, Fond Ferdinand may only be entered with a guided tour. The entrance fee therefore always includes an experienced guide. You also have a good view of the coast of Praslin and the neighbouring islands.

    Entrance Fee: 125 Seychelles rupees
    Opening Hours: Tours start at 9:30, 11:00 and 12:30


    We hope you enjoyed reading this article about what best the island has to offer to visitors in addition to luxurious Praslin Hotels. You can dig deeper about Praslin following the link below:


  9. Hotel Praslin Seychelles

    You want to spend holidays in paradise? The Seychelles fulfill this requirement in every respect: white sandy beaches, palm trees and the characteristic granite cliffs promise a dream holiday as it stands in the most beautiful postcards of the island.

    But not only the beauty of the islands has made the Seychelles a popular destination. The typical Creole culture and the friendly, helpful and open-hearted Seychellois, as they proudly call themselves, make a trip here a perfect stay. In this travel tips for the Seychelles we take you to the island archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Join us to discover one of the most beautiful islands of the archipelago: Praslin.

    Praslin is the second largest island of the Seychelles in terms of population. With 38 square kilometers and almost 9000 inhabitants, it is still comparatively small. Praslin is located northeast of Mahé and is regularly served by a small plane from there. Only 15 minutes by air separate Mahé and Praslin. Alternatively, you can also reach this paradise by ferry, which is cheaper, but it takes an hour or so to reach here.

    For tourists, the island is popular for one reason above all else: here are the most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles. In addition, it is known worldwide for a special record: Here grows the largest coconut in the world, the Coco de Mer, which is very special not only because of their size, but also because of their shape. It can only be found on Praslin in the Vallée de Mai National Park.

    The most beautiful beaches of Praslin

    22 beaches stretch along the coast of Praslin. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches on the island:

    • Anse Lazio : Anse Lazio is not only one of the most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles: In the past, the beach has been voted several times in the top ten of “The World’s 50 Best Beaches”. Of course, its popularity also has its downsides, because the beach is one of the most popular sights in the Seychelles. But this should not stop you from visiting this beach welcoming visitors all year round.
    • Anse Georgette: Meter-high palm trees, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters: that’s all you need for paradise on earth. As the water here drops steeply, the beach is less suitable for families with small children.
    • Anse Petite Cour : This private beach is small with 240 meters, but quite exceptional. Located near the Marine Park, snorkelers and divers will get their money’s worth here. Note: Anse Petite Cour is a private beach accessible to Domaine de la Reserve Hotel Praslin Seychelles’ guests.

    Le Domaine de la Reserve

    Holidays on a private beach: In the Seychelles, this can be true. A few selected, uninhabited islands with private beaches are quite luxurious retreats. Since an island in the Seychelles is quite large, spacious and densely overgrown, there is an enormous amount of privacy and tranquility. So secluded, you really feel like you own the beach. Hardly touched nature and paradisiacal beaches almost on their own: There are only very rare in the world! In order to preserve the originality, Le Domaine de la Reserve Hotel act and manage sustainably and responsibly, because nature is included in the hotel concept as worthy of protection.

  10. Praslin Island Seychelles Map – Anse Lazio

    You probably guessed it too, many Praslin visitors come to see Anse Lazio beach, located in the northern part of the island. Before visiting the beach, we invite you to take a look at our gorgeous hotel on Praslin: Le Domaine de la Reserve. Now we are ready to start exploring Praslin Island Seychelles Map to Anse Lazio.

    Praslin: a hidden gem

    If you are thinking how does life goes on a tropical island of 5 by 12 kilometres, we can tell you; it’s wonderful and we are sure the ten thousand inhabitants (9% of Seychelles Population) will tell you the same.

    Even though the island is relatively close to Mahé and other islands in the inner group of islands, Praslin has a different charm to it. Tourists come to Praslin mainly because of the beautiful beaches and there is a lot of them!

    Just in front of our hotel you’ll find the private pristine beach of Anse Petite Cour facing a national marine park, but the most popular beaches of Praslin have to be Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio. The latter seems to be getting a lot of attention from tourists from all over the world thanks to its fantastic lagoon.

    Besides beaches, there’s also a lot to see here and there. A UNESCO World Heritage Site; May Valley will enchant you with its legendary Sea Coconut which is a fruit with the biggest nut on our planet, from the Guinness Book of Records. The endemic palm only grows on Praslin (and Curieuse) in their natural environment. You can admire the ancient jungle of May Valley everyday of the week. With the Aldabra Atoll, May Valley is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Seychelles.

    Anse Lazio

    The Anse Lazio is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – and it is located right here on Praslin. The popular beach of the north regularly gets voted in famous Top 10 World Beaches and was recently ranked 2nd in the World’s Top 50 Beaches.

    Each time you visit Anse Lazio, it becomes a little different, it is a living aquarium. Its colour, water temperature and surroundings change from month to month sometimes there is more sand, sometimes less, sometimes the surf is gentle, sometimes it is wild, but it is always a bliss to visit Anse Lazio.

    With its powdered sugar sand and the many palm trees and granite rocks, the Anse Lazio is a postcard motif all year round, but of course no insider tip anymore. As one of the most popular attractions in the Seychelles, it is therefore usually well-visited – but it usually gets uncrowded in weekdays.

    Le Domaine de la Reserve Hotel wishes you a happy stay on Praslin and in the Seychelles!

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