Scuba diving and snorkeling in Seychelles

Snorkeling and diving in the Seychelles, is to discover the shimmering world of corals, sea anemones and tropical fish. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean are the favorite conditions for the turtles and manta rays, which are numerous in the Seychelles archipelago. To snorkel in unforgettable sites, choose a cruise in the Seychelles.

Ye shall cast anchor in the National Marine Park of Saint Anne. Thread fins, mask and snorkel. Enjoy snorkeling from your catamaran.Seychelles Water is so clear that one can easily see up to 10-20 m depth. Your

Waters of the Seychelles

Through the translucent waves, the wrasse, the picassos and sea angels dangle their bright colors. Snorkeling can be practiced by everyone, adults and children. Do not forget however that the wind sometimes blows in the Seychelles archipelago. To practice scuba diving in the best conditions, the ideal seasons are spring and autumn in the Seychelles.

Diving centers are located in the favorite hotels of the islands РMah̩, Praslin, La Digue, Silhouette, Fregate and Denis Island in the Inner Islands. Alphonse and Desroches Island in the Outer Islands.In Seychelles, diving is done safely in centers affiliated to international diving federations.

Diving in the Seychelles

You must remember to bring a medical certificate of fitness to dive. The granitic islands (Mahé, Praslin, La Digue, Silhouette and Frigate) offer resplendent soft corals reefs. In these shimmering waters, beware of the stonefish which is poisonous. Wear overalls and diving booties to protect you. Turtles, sharks and manta rays are easy to observe in the Seychelles. They are found near coral islands (Denis Island or DesrochesIsland).

Seychelles archipelago’s sharks are not dangerous. They aregenerally tiger sharks and gray sharks. In Seychelles, we can either dive from the shore or from the boats. Most dive centers offer different diving programs at depths generally between 10 and 18m, without exceeding 30m.

For novice divers, these centers also teach diving with highly skilled professional instructors. The success of these introductory course is endorsed by PADI Brevet. Similarly, advanced courses for experienced divers are also organized.

Enjoy your dives in the Seychelles!


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