Things to do in Praslin in April

Visit cousin island

On Cousin Island in April, its unspoiled nature and its rich variety of birds is impressive. A scuba diving excursion takes you to St Pierre, a small collection of rocks with a fascinating underwater world. For a longer boat trip and a must-see for all bird watchers, a trip to Aride, the Island of the Birds, is definitely worth a visit.

Located just a few meters from the Vallée de Mai, you will find a hiking trail on Praslin Island that will take you to the top of Glacis Noir. About 1 km long, this short hike takes you through the heart of dense and lush vegetation. You will find there some coconut trees producing the famous “coco fesse”. If you are lucky, you may come across the path of blue pigeons, a species of bird unique to the Seychelles.

This short hike that seems easy at first turns out to be more difficult once you get halfway. Indeed, the path narrows and becomes steeper. However the effort is really worth it once you get to the top … The view is simply breathtaking!

The villages of Sainte Anne and Grande Anse

The majority of the inhabitants of the Seychelles live on the bay of Sainte-Anne and Grande Anse which facilitate access to the ocean. Sainte-Anne is a small, peaceful and colorful town where you can visit its church and browse the shops. There is also a small market located near the Independence Monument.
The village of Grande Anse is a very lively place in Praslin. There you will find a few shops, restaurants and bars scattered throughout the quaint charming streets. In Grande Anse or Sainte-Anne, we advise you to meet the locals to discover their way of life in this dream setting.

Domaine de la Reserve

There is an extraordinary place on Praslin to visit as well and that is the Domaine de la Reserve. Sumptuous hotel in Praslin, surrounded by greenery in an idyllic setting, one thing is certain, you will be amazed by this place.

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