Visit the Seychelles

Visit the splendid sights

The archipelago enjoys only a small land area of ​​455 square kilometers on 1.4 million square kilometers of sea, which is in no way an obstacle to the practice of activities on land. So be sure to go walk around on Praslins, especially near the Vallee De Mai which boast each of the eight species of palm trees that exists on the archipelago of the Seychelles, including the popular Coco de Mer ( Sea Coconut ), a UNESCO World Heritage.

Hike on Mahe

You can also take a walk through twelve exploration hiking trails that can be found on the island of Mahé, the main island of the archipelago, and are classified according to their degree of difficulty. You will then have the privilege to discover the many facets of the island and admire the wealth of its wildlife and the beauty of its flora. Mahe has over 1,000 species of plants and not less than 75 animal species. Another feature is its wildlife, particularly regarding birds because there are no fewer than 11 species of rare and beautiful birds, to the point that some islands such as Cousin and Aride were fully classified ornithological natural reserve. Praslin and La Digue are home to rare and unique species in the world, and when It comes to Aldabra, it serves as a natural refuge and hosts the largest tortoise population in the world.

Activites in the Seychelles

In this idyllic atmosphere of celebration and holiday, you will have the opportunity to practice many activities. Tennis, cycling, squash, or golf on a course of 18 holes or 9 holes. Also for horse lovers and riders, there are two equestrian centers: one in on La Digue and another in Mahe. So you can ride along the coast facing the sunset and enjoy this magnificent landscape.

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