Why visit Mahé?

Although the island seems less typical and more “international” than its neighbors Praslin and La Digue, which have preserved a certain charm, Mahe is well worth a visit and is a perfect transition before returning home.

To stroll the streets of Victoria …

With a population of “only” 27,000 inhabitants, quietly visit, walk and take full advantage of this beautiful capital… It is swept away by the excitement of the market, you can stroll to shops and boutiques and taste delicious local specialties in its many restaurants …

At the exit of the city, go up the road to join the beautiful Beau Vallon Bay. This is the most touristic area of ​​the island and the only site where you can enjoy motorized water sports.

To go on an adventure in the National Park Morne Seychellois.

A stay in Mahé offers multiple possibilities, the ideal is to rent a car or take day trips to explore the island. Nicknamed the “Island of Abundance” Mahé has a very lush vegetation and high terrain with the Morne Seychellois, located in the northwestern tip which rises to over 900 meters. Hiking enthusiasts will find their happiness.

To walk along the pristine beaches of the west coast.

It is on this coast, wilder and authentic, that extend from north to south, that you will come across the most beautiful beaches. A few steps from the National Park, the beach unveils its clear waters full of small tropical fish.

Along the coastal road from Port Launay to the wonderful Anse Takamaka and Anse Intendance, the fun is endless. A wonderful parade along the coastline with coves of white sand, sometimes deserted, are things you can discover while having a trip on the western coast of this beautiful island of the Seychelles.

Enjoy your trip on Mahe in the Seychelles!

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